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Powerful Message and the Human Spirit

I’m a big softy, I can admit it.  I was choked up watching this video and very inspired.  When you look at the human spirit, you realize it is a powerful thing.  Without hesitation, no matter what the obstacle, life goes on.  And if you have that drive, determination and that youthful spirit you can achieve your goals.  Please pass on this message to everyone you meet today, tomorrow and the rest of your life.



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4 Responses to “Powerful Message and the Human Spirit”

  1. Salem Al-Maskari Says:


    Nice video inspiring.

    It reminds me of footless soccer in Africa and they even have a whole team.

    it really amazing what humans could do.

    and respect to the coach for not giving sympathy and making him do it. Some disable people feel offended if they get special treatment or show they are disable.

  2. Super-Trainer Says:

    You’re not that bad a softy – that’s a great story – thanks –

  3. Mike Says:

    Great Post!

  4. Matt Holmes Says:

    That was great thanks for sharing
    – Matt Holmes

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