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Power Combos for Big Muscle Fast

"I want more weight, I want to beat him"

Lou Ferrigno probably had one of the biggest, best backs in bodybuilding back in the 70’s.  He was just a massive dude all around.  Here is a pic of him doing some bent over rows.  One of the best mass builders for the upper back, along with pull-ups.


I’ve always loved back training because it is one of my “good” areas.  I’m naturally a skinny guy (and getting skinnier 🙂 ) but I’ve had a solid set of arms and a good back.

Here are two awesome exercises that are linked together in a power combination (two compound exercises done in succession).  They could be called a “power” combination for two reasons:

  • they have a powerful impact on your muscle growth, activation or strength
  • the 1-2 exercise could be high mu (motor unit) activation, high intensity movements

If you are short for time, and need a fast muscle building workout, try a power combination.

Loaded Pull-ups

Any version of pull-ups is a good thing when you are trying to build up your arms, back and grip all at the same time.  There are many ways to overload pull-ups, here we are using chains.  On the last set, I drop chains off as I fatigue.  You can do a similar technique with a dip belt and unload the weight as you progress.


Ab Roll-Outs

If you’ve purchased the best core training DVD or core training system on the NET, Combat Core, then you know there are many categories of core training that you can rotate into your workout or program.  This category is a static core training posture where the upper body is moving.

Again, the movement is overload with chains.  Key coaching tips are:

  • brace the abdominals, back and glutes prior to moving
  • create tension in the lats during the entire exercise

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