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Plate Curl for Reps – Wrist Strength & Endurance


Some pretty good submissions this week, DIESELS! The numbers came out pretty close. In fact, i’d say this is the closest the results have ever been. No one really blew everyone out of the water, in fact last place was only 6 reps behind first place – AWESOME!

Check out the results below.

Josh Dale: Score = 22 x 22 = 484

Josh not only busted out 22 reps with zero hand switches, but he also busted out what look to be the biggest biceps in this week’s competition.

Josh’s score doesn’t do justice to how impressive his performance was. As you can see, Josh never switched hands, hitting 22 reps with just one arm. Crazy. Also, he used a 10-kg plate so he lost points each rep because of the 3-lb difference. What you have to keep in mind though, is that Josh did this all after a full arm wrestling practice, making his performance even more impressive. Nice job, Josh!

Mike Turpin: Score = 25lbs x 20 = 500

Mike continues to put out entertaining videos, having fun each week. Finishing last in this tight group is nothing to be ashamed of.

A little recognition goes out to Mike and Paul – both are training for a major Powerlifting meet and they continue to take the extra time out of their schedules in order to submit videos for the challenge! Awesome job, Mike!

Paul Tompkins: Score = 25lbs x 22 = 550

Paul is a BRUTE – there is no other way to describe him, except for he is also probably the calmest brute I’ve ever met. He just lines up the challenges and then quietly mows them down. He and Mike T. have been hitting Grip feats in between the challenges and sending them to me, chomping at the bit since there was no challenge last week. They didn’t want to lose their edge.

If you look in the background of this video you see another fine member of the Diesel Universe, Niko Hulslander, who although has never submitted a Grip Challenge video, I have personally trained with him and I think he could be very good. He has also contacted me about holding a Grip Contest with him at his gym sometime in the future, so watch out for that, especially if you are in the South Western part of Pennsylvania!

Rick Walker: Score = 25 x 23 = 575

Leave it to Rick Walker to get surgery in the Spring, and do next to nothing in the weight room for 2 solid months and then go down and hit 23 Plate Curls with a 25 in between sets of shoulder presses. Awesome.

I believe this is also Rick’s first submission for the Grip Strength Challenge – not too shabby coming in third place and only two reps behind McIntyre who has won many of the challenges. Could it be that we have found McIntyre’s weakness – wrist strength and stability? Good job Rick! Looking forward to more videos when you have time, buddy!

Kevin Greto: Score = 25lbs x 24 = 600

Judging by the video, Kevin appears to be training at Iron Sport Gym in Glenolden, PA. This makes me extremely jealous because I have read that this is one of the last truly hardcore gyms in the state of PA and my buddy Pat Povilaitis and I have talked about going there to train for years and just never scheduled it to make it happen.

Kevin had a lot of hand switches in his video, I’d estimate he would have gotten enough to win this challenge if he would have had one less hand switch and pushed out a couple more reps prior to switching. However, I understand his training paradigm and he does not force reps. Keep on gripping, Kevin – looking forward to seeing you here for World’s Strongest Hands 2011.

Josh McIntyre: Score = 25lbs x 25 = 625

Josh was one of the Wild Card Qualifiers for Nationals through the Wild Card Challenges leading up to Grip Sport Nationals. I was so looking forward to a clash between him, Mike Turpin, Jason Steeves and Daniel Reinard. I am hoping we can see these guys all square off sometime down the road in an actual Grip Competition.

As you can see, Josh won this challenge, leading Kevin by one rep and thus 25 score-pounds. However, you could really see that Kevin clearly lost a few reps with his hand switches. This could be a very interesting duel down the line as well!

Check back soon guys for the next challenge!

All the best in your training!


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20 Responses to “Plate Curl for Reps – Wrist Strength & Endurance”

  1. Rick Walker Says:

    Good job everyone!

    Some very good submissions here.


  2. Mike Turpin Says:

    i dont mind being called a sore loser here. i know josh is FAR better with grip than me, i’ve watched videos of him repping a 35, and i believe he can do a 45, so what he does is great. but, from my eye, rick walker is the clear winner. the form is, what i believed to be, correct. very minimal shoulder rotation and a solid elbow extension. not stirring the pot intentionally at josh due to my first submission leading to controversy. but in that video i was called out for having my hand “glued” to my hip (though i came in last, and it really didn’t matter.) josh dale’s and rick’s were by far the most impressive to me. i know the rule was plate to thigh (which i technically didn’t even follow myself– going full extension beyond thigh) but keeping a stiff elbow and rotating the shoulder to meet the thigh and start the rep seems a little bit controversial, especially since you extremely emphasized being a stickler on form. i don’t know for sure if i could get 25 in that style, but i sure would bet rick could. no disrespect to you, jedd. you hold a wonderful weekly competition and elaborate weekly videos, that i love doing. i am, however, a little disappointed with the results.

  3. Jedd Johnson Says:

    Yes, Rick did great as did you. The whole thing could have ended much differently. Like I said, Rick is sort of untrained right now, Kevin had a lot of hand switches, you were going beyond the required ROM, Josh D could have switched hands to get more speed – there were a lot of ways the score could have ended up differently. In a situation where I can’t be there in person to make a call on form, it is tough. I am pretty sure this movement has never been in a contest, so there is no precedent. The main thing I was looking for was a consistent angle at the wrist which all maintained.

  4. Mike Turpin Says:

    i understand. i’m not trying to take away from kevin’s and josh’s being impressive– it still is. but yeah, it’s a lot of grey area here, being a curl, there aren’t easy set in stone rules other than, try to be “strict”. the body always rocks, shoulder always rotates, so it’s getting into a hard judgment to make.

  5. Rick Walker Says:


    Thanks for the kind words! As Jedd has said, I am VERY untrained right now. I have been back to lifting about 2 months now but I have done ZERO grip work except for attempting some PRs here and there. The funny thing is, I am strong grip wise now then I was before with no direct grip work at all?? I actually broke 2-45s off the ground a few days ago in the pinch and I have never got that lift before, so something is working.

    At any rate, I try to keep my plate curls as strict as possible. When Jedd posted this up, I figured what the hell, I will try it. I knew I would have to keep a steady pace and couldnt go too fast or I would not fully extend my arm and I would move my body and swing, all things I did not want to do. Also, I wore a beanie in the 100 degree heat because I didnt want to smash my forehead! Bottom line was I did not want my form to degrade.

    I did 1 take. We were hitting shoulders and traps and I told my wife to grab the camera and just went. Not sure if any other attempts would have been better as I am so untrained my grip endurance is shit.

    I did them as I saw fit and as I interpreted the rules to be. Could I have got more reps had I let my form go a bit? Maybe, I dont know, but I am not going to dwell on the “what ifs”. I am happy with my performance and I support Jedd’s decision 100%.

    Thanks again Mike. I appreciate it brother. I will enter again, unless it is steel bending!!!


  6. Josh McIntyre Says:

    I’m Just glad Elizabeth Horne didn’t submit this week… Put me in last, I already got a t-shirt.

  7. Josh mcIntyre Says:

    Mike, I’m not offended. You’ve raised some valid points concerning form. That’s why I took the time this afternoon after getting off of work to improve upon what I did on Thursday. I hope this cleaned up version surpasses my previous entry and satisfies those left with a bad taste in their mouth for this weeks decision. Huge respect for Kevin and the other Josh for their vids. Well, here it is:

  8. Mike Turpin Says:


  9. Mike Turpin Says:

    just curious– was the chain there for the negative? or tongue in cheek to my outfits?

  10. Josh McIntyre Says:

    Uh, everyone wears chains when NKOTB is blasting… right?

  11. Mike Turpin Says:

    oh, lol, i had no sound earlier. was watching breaking bad

  12. Josh McIntyre Says:

    I took half a box of extenze before the vid, so I had to balance myself out with some 80’s jams so I didn’t set off any car alarms

  13. Rick Walker Says:

    Why would Jedd put you in last? You submitted a video and won fair and square. Hell, this is the internet and millions of people are free to watch and critque as they see fit. We cant all have the same opinions about stuff.

    With that being said, I thought your video was good and you were the clear winner. I saw no reason for you to submit another video unless you yourself thought the first vid was not good enough.

    As I said, I respect Jedd’s decision. He picked you as the winner for a reason. I dont feel any kind of way about it other then that. I am out of the grip game and dont train it, so I certainly did not expect to submit a video and win. I just did the lift as I thought it should be done.

    I could probably squat a lot more too if I didnt feel the need to put my ass onto my calves, but that is just how I do it.

    I got home from fishing and tried the 35 for shits since you submitted another video:

    It was a lot harder then I remember it being…


  14. Josh McIntyre Says:

    Rick, I liked the video. The wrist curls were awesome and your beard was formidable. My music was much better than yours though. Look for another vid tomorrow. I need to search my depeche mode discography and buy some more chains.

  15. Jason Steeves Says:

    Jedd I honestly forgot until late Friday. I was really wanting to submit one for this week as well. Sorry bud, I’ll make sure my schedule’s cleared for the rest of these. Very impressive performances from everyone. I was absolutely ASTOUNDED with Josh D.’s submission. BEAST!

  16. Rick Walker Says:

    You sir are sadly mistaken if you think NKOTB has ANYTHING on Loverboy…

    The next grip challenge I am rocking my bling…

  17. Josh McIntyre Says:

    Bling it on then! You’re gettin rick-rolled. Never gonna let u down

  18. Rick Walker Says:

    I have some good ideas. I just hope it is something I can do! I am weak as a kitten right now…

  19. Josh mcIntyre Says:

    Rick, I took your good ideas and replaced them with my great ideas. Sorry about the colorful walls…

  20. Rick Walker Says:

    -10 points for the walls.

    The next grip challenge will be epic. Maybe.

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