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How I Broke The Record in the Two Hands Pinch

As many of you know, I have spent the better part of 5 years training to break the World Record in the Two Hands Pinch.

Here’s a video showing you many of the times I have tried, and failed to break the record…

I never gave up though. I’ve fought through injuries, sickness, and crunched training time and always kept my eye on the record.

I came the closest I ever have come to breaking the record in September of 2009 at Grip Nationals. I was just inches away from an official lift before the implement slipped out of my hand.

Being that close was the kick start I needed and in October I formulated a training plan and filmed all of my pinch workouts – every single repetition – even my secret pinch training techniques in order to document everything leading up to contest day when the record was broken.

Following the breaking of the record, it was time to go to work. I began editing all of the footage and compiling it into a documentary DVD.

I finished the DVD in April and sent it out to the people all over the world that ordered it.

I am extremely excited to present to you some of the feedback and testimonials I have gotten on this DVD. Check it out…

“Just wanted to … let you know the DVD arrived yesterday. Just watched it this afternoon and thought it was awesome! The training sessions are great, love the intensity and as always amazing lifts and performances. The video and sound quality were both excellent as well. Thanks for an awesome DVD … After watching this I’ll definitely have to add some pinch lifting when I train tomorrow!”

Rory Hickman

“I recently purchased THE ROAD TO THE RECORD, it was the best thing I have seen in a long time.”

Dennis Etzenhouser

“I must say your video ROCKS dude!!! There’s some valuable training ideas on your DVD. I love how it’s built up to the record. Good job!!!”

Joe Musselwhite

Joe was even nice enough to shoot a video review of my DVD and post it on his YouTube channel. This blew me away!

Thanks so much for the kind words, guys! It goes to show that if you work hard enough and smart enough for a goal, you CAN achieve, and if you work your heart out on a product, people will love it. That’s what I always aim to do.

Now, while I am at it, I ran a contest during the pre-launch of the Road to the Record DVD.

For the people that pre-registered for their copy of the DVD, I offered to give away a free 6-month membership to my new instructional grip strength website The Grip Authority to one person, and a free coaching call to another person.

Today, I put all of the names into a hat and drew out names. Here’s the video showing the winners being drawn.

So, thanks for your support in picking up my DVD and congratulations on winning the drawings, guys!

Look for an email from me detailing how you can activate your subscription and so we can schedule the coaching calls.

Check out the DVD everybody’s talking about right here:  The Road to the Record

In it, you’ll see:

  • The exact training I did leading up to breaking the world record in the Two Hands Pinch in chronological format
  • Home made equipment I use in my grip training
  • Rigs that I use in my training that most people don’t even know about
  • How to effectively warm-up prior to a grip training session
  • Other tactics I use to stay on top of my game

For $27, you get a ton of instruction, plus the drama of an Autumn of Grip Obsession, not to mention kick ass graphics and artwork, all wrapped up in a professionally printed DVD. No back yard DVD printing here, guys.

Thanks again to everybody that is behind me. It means a lot to be supported by so many.

Any questions on the DVD, feel free to ask in the comments section below.

All the best in your training. I hope one of you reading this post right now breaks my record in the future.



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  1. Doug Says:

    Great Job Jedd, love the intensity!

    Does the video come with a Roddy Piper T-Shirt? That would be pretty sweet!

  2. Jedd Says:

    No dude, sorry. That would be cool though.

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