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Pinch Grip: Hub Lifting Tools and Methods

Hub Lifting

What is Hub Lifting?

If you are not familiar with Hub Lifting, it is a form of Pinch Grip Training where you lift a plate by its center hub with your fingers and thumb in a Claw Grip.

This can be a very fun and beneficial form of training, but it can also be frustrating as hell, too! A lot of whether you can lift a plate by the hub depends on the finish of the paint, moisture in the air, actual shape of the hub, etc.

In addition to lifting plates by their hubs, there are also hub lifting devices that are sold and used in conjunction with loading pins. IronMind sells one that offers a large gripping area.

Also, the Shallow Hub is a lift in some legs of the World’s Strongest Hands Series, shown in the bottom left of the above picture.

The next leg of World’s Strongest Hands is September 10th and I have got plenty of room if you want to compete.

The Shallow Hub is NOT an event at Leg 2, but you can click the link to see what the events are! Worlds Strongest Hands Leg 2

Have a great weekend, DIESELS!


P.S. If you have a video of yourself grip training, fighting, climbing Everest, etc., send it in!

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