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Phone Book Tearing Submissions


The Mighty Atom, One of the Best Strongmen Ever

We are three weeks into the Diesel Classic Strongman Feats Tournament.

Here is where we left off going into last week:

  • Cameron Bailey / David Horne – 3 Points
  • Richard McLean / Jason Steeves / Mike Rinderle – 2 Points
  • Daniel Reinard – 1.5
  • David Wigren – 1 Point

Here is how the tournament panned out last week for Phone Book Tearing:

So, the new scores in the Phone Book Tearing bracket:

  • Darren Shallman – + 3
  • Cameron Bailey – +1.5
  • Mike Rinderle – +1

And the new running totals after Reverse Nail Bending, Card Tearing and Phone Book Tearing:

  • Cameron Bailey – 4.5 Points
  • David Horne / Mike Rinderle / Darren Shallman – 3 Points
  • Richard McLean / Jason Steeves – 2 Points
  • Daniel Reinard – 1.5
  • David Wigren – 1 Point

BOOM!! – Darren Shallman steps right into second place in the tournament with Rindo and Horne! Nice work, brother!

This Week’s Challenge – Horseshoe Bending

The Challenge this week is Horseshoe Bending. Below are the rules you should follow.

Bent Horseshoe

1. The horseshoe bend must be completed within 3 minutes

2. The horseshoe must be bent past 180 degrees. To demonstrate this, the horseshoe must be placed on a flat surface and show that at least one of the two legs is free from the surface and pointing upwards. If needed you are allowed to push down on one end of the horseshoe to demonstrate that the horseshoe is past 180. However no tilting of the horseshoe is allowed during this demonstration, therefore the entire horseshoe must be visible during this part of the demonstration.

3. The horseshoe is not allowed to be bent under your feet. During the bend both feet must remain on the floor and you are not allowed to lean on any stationary object. Other than that you are free to use whatever technique suits you best.

4. You must wrap the shoe on the video. Only single wraps allowed. Rubber bands and chalk are allowed. Leg padding is allowed as long as it is of “soft material”, and must be demonstrated by folding the padding on camera. A rolled up hand towel is the best material to use.

5. Before the bend during the documentation of the horseshoe all numbers, markings and brands that might be on the shoe must be shown as clearly as possible. Used horseshoes are not allowed.

6. Only completed shoe bends according to rule #2 will be counted.

These are the shoes that will be used for the contest. The list goes from easiest to hardest. The further down you go on the list (higher the number) the harder the shoe and the better your placement.

1. St. Croix Ultra Lite #2
2. St. Croix Polo #1
3. Diamond Classic #1
4. St. Croix Lite rim #3
5. St. Croix Lite rim #1
6. St. Croix Lite plain #3 / Kerckhaert SSP 8×22 #3
7. Kerckhaert SSP 8×22 #2
8. Diamond Bronco PL #000
9. Kerckhaert SSP 8×22 #1
10. St. Croix Regular Plain #000
11. Diamond Special #5
12. St. Croix #5 XTRA / Kerckhaert SSP 10×22 #5
13. St. Croix Plain Regular #3
14. Kerckhaert SSP 8×18 #000
15. AB 1×3/8 Draft Keg #6**

Need to know how to get started bending horseshoes? Maybe you’ve already bent horseshoes and you want to improve your horseshoe bending technique? Click the banner below to get our Horseshoe Bending DVD, Hammering Horseshoes

All the best in your training,


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  1. Mike Rinderle Says:

    Congrats Darrin!!

  2. Daniel Reinard Says:

    Nice win Darrin!

    Polos on order and they better get here quick! One DC1 left and I don’t think I’m ready. And Rindo, stay out of my bracket! lol

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