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Pay It Forward – Part 2


Many of you know about my previous Pay It Forward article.

I posted about how fortunate I feel and how lucky I was to be in 3 major fitness publications in one month (back in Nov 2009).

Well, it has happened AGAIN!


  1. Men’s Fitness
  2. Blackbelt
  3. Muscle & Performance

Has this ever happened before? A fitness author being published in 3 separate publications in the same month twice? The perfect storm again!


I am so excited about the features and am humbled beyond words.

So, now you benefit! But there is a price to pay!

Last time I gave away the Build Muscle TV DVD.  It shows you the correct way to perform all of the major muscle building / strength training exercises AND it has a huge nutrition section!

This time, when it comes out, I am giving away 3 copies of the entire AMPED Warm-up System . You know, that cool-ass product Joe Defranco and I just filmed!

It includes a physical DVD and manual SHIPPED RIGHT TO YOUR HOUSE!

But, there is a price to pay 🙂

You Have To Pay It Forward.

I want you to go to your email right now and send 10 of your friends, family or anyone else you haven’t spoken to in a while or someone who has influenced your life, a note.

I want you to tell them:

  • How much they mean to you
  • How much they’ve helped you
  • Or tell them about that one time they influenced you to be better
  • Tell them why they are important to you.

At the bottom of this email, ask them to tell 5 of their friends, family or influences.

Then, once you’ve done that, come over to the blog and talk about how it felt to be their hero today.

Once we reach 100 comments, I will randomly pick 3 people who posted comment to this blog post to get a copy our new DVD and manual.

This is the honor system, so no cheating. If you post 5 minutes after the post is created I know you cheated. This will take some time and be honest. Don’t lie to get a free DVD and manual.

Be a man, do it for real and do it the right way.

You know how good it feels when you get an email from someone thanking you, selflessly, for something you did for them. Give someone else that feeling!

Thank you all for all of your years of support.


PS. If you want to know what I wrote about in the magazines, it was all built on the principles of AMD, the only complete muscle building system.

PPS. Here’s another cool training DVD I’ve sold to hundreds of coaches, athletes and strength enthusiasts all over the world – Combat Core DVD

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16 Responses to “Pay It Forward – Part 2”

  1. Guy Says:

    Ya, randomly entering. WOOT!

  2. Matt Cormier "Parkton" Says:

    I’ve actually been sending emails like this once a week for 4 months. It helps to know that you’re not alone in anything you do. It helps with your decisions because you’re always being held accountable to someone and you don’t want to let down the people that mean the most to you.
    Actually, I saw two guys at the gym yesterday working out and I had to give them a few tips to prevent them from hurting themselves. One was squatting with the Smith machine and was really just doing good mornings while moving his feet. I couldn’t, in good conscience, allow him to continue. I taught them how to squat with the barbell and went on my way. I’m not their hero, well, maybe I am. But that wasn’t the point. Someone helped me once and if I hadn’t helped them they would have gotten hurt, seen no results and probably quit. They were appreciative and happy. It always feels good to know you’ve helped someone.

  3. jamie douse Says:

    Love your work

    Almost 6 years ago i finished a long time battle with the bottle, got my shit together, took responsibility for my actions, and became accountable for my responsibilities, basically manned up.

    It was tough work and wouldnt have been possible without the help of some very important people, to whom i will be eternally grateful. In the end though it all came back to me having the balls to take life on and thats the message relayed to the people who are important(family, a couple of close friends and a couple of close clients)

    Stop pissing around, have the courage to take life on and the rewards will be reaped, lead by example and blaze your own trail. They are their own heroes, sometimes they just need a gentle reminder


  4. Stanich Says:

    Smitty, congratz on your achievement of being in 3 fitness magazines in 1 month, second time.

    I followed your directions and I sent mails.(although i forced myself to do it, it now doesn’t fell so bad :P)
    Now i guess i can only hope for being randomly picked.

  5. Josh Says:

    C’mon spread the word guys!! Smiity is the man, this time in deadly combination with Joe Defranco!
    Bringing back some serious training….Beastmode!
    Can’t wait to get that stuff!!!


  6. phil Says:

    something I would have never done without the incentive, but it’s pretty cool blowing people’s minds in a positive way. Thanks for all the great posts Smitty!

  7. Byan Says:

    I often get wrapped up in the day to day life of my own world that I often forget to stop and tell the people that matter the most just what they mean to me. It is especially important for me to do that now since I am half way around the world. It felt great to let those loved ones know how feel about them.

    Thank you for inspiring me to strive to be a better athlete and keep pushing myself physically. Even more importantly, thank you for inspiring me to be a better man.

    The things that you do for others is why you experience the success that you do. Keep it up!

  8. Jonas Says:

    Same thing again! I’m working hard to become a good Football Player in Germany. Saturday I did a good Job in Punt and Kick Returns. So I told everybody who believed in me and my motivation what that means to me. You have to “slice” all the haters of your real friends!
    The build muscle TV DVD had a big influence on my training. I gained 10pounds of muscle and still working hard to become bigger faster and stronger!
    So I’d love to get the Warm-up program to work more efficient!
    The only thing that I dont like is Brian Cushing, steroids and the whole situation! I really hope to get a statement from Joe!!!

  9. helmi Says:

    Smetty its a cool idea those e-mails but some just deseve the calls so they were not all e-mails

  10. Deven Says:

    Hey Smitty,

    I love this concept. After reading my response you don’t have to give me the 1 of the 3 prizes. While I will gladly accept them if chosen, that is not my reason for doing this. I have always been the kind of person who believes in the power of a support system but also the power of yourself. Everyone should have great influences in their lives. Be it family, friends, a celebrity, etc. And those influences that have guided you and helped you get where you are in life and give you that little extra fire in your stomach to push through a really tough grind in life should be made aware of the impact they’ve held on you. While since chances are these people are extraordinary people and likely do not WANT or EXPECT to be told of their impact, it is a certainty it will touch them in a positive way, and that in itself is rewarding to both of you. I’ve written several eMails of this kind as I love doing it. The top 2/most recent ones were to my mother and my grandmother (on opposing sides of the family). I wrote to them thanking them for all they’ve done and how they’ve helped guide me through the struggles I’ve had in life with an alcoholic father (now homeless) and being sort of the “outcast” kid that was never really all that popular (like you mentioned in part 1, about the kid working his ass off and always trying to fit in). I also intend on praying tonight, something I rarely do. I often pray “subtly” i.e. just think TO whom I am praying to and not so much sit at my bed just before going to sleep, doing the whole “formal” praying routine if you will, and praying… But tonight things are different. I lost my best friend in a freak car accident last August, and though it may be an awful thing to happen… She left behind a legacy that will never leave me. She was the girl who was open, accepting, loving and touching towards everyone. Always smiling, laughing and genuine. The last lesson she taught me (and she didn’t even know it) was to always be forgiving to others and reach out. And that is just what I intend on doing. Also, on the work ethic note: I completely agree with that. I’m 17 years old and have been working since I was very young. Stared doing odd-jobs for the family at first, then once I was 15 got my first “real” job, soon had 2 jobs and over the past summer had 3 and usually have 2 jobs during the school year. Work may keep your schedule full but the hard work always rewards great benefits. Whether they are physical (raises, having the money to buy something you’ve wanted) or moral (the satisfaction in working your absolute hardest and not cracking under the pressure).

    An absolutely excellent idea for a post, Smitty. And congratulations on earning your spot in 3 magazines in one month. You definitely deserve it.

    Take care and stay strong (physically and mentally).

    Thank you.

    – Deven

  11. Brendan Hufford Says:

    Last week my pastor came to visit me at work and have lunch with me. This Sunday, he spoke about me (a teacher) living a life of service and reverence and his observations about how my students react to it. I’m so thankful that so many other people have been my heroes that I’ve never even considered that I’ve been subcionsciously ‘paying it forward’ as a teacher. It’s such a reward profession and I can’t imagine doing anything else.

    It was really rewarding to tell other’s (via the email) how they’ve impacted me. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to let them know what they mean to me.

  12. Ryan Beck Says:

    jim, another great article!! no B.S. just straight to the point. more of america needs this type of training and leadership. thank you for your site, words and training techniques. keep up the great work!

  13. chris Says:

    beimg less self serving is a technique most all people need improvement on. friends and family should be the most important thing in everyone’s life

  14. mark Says:


  15. Matthew Says:

    Feels great. Just taking the time to recount the wonderful ways someone has impacted my life has been rewarding.

    Also, keeping the perspective that I was doing this to show gratitude and not expecting anything in return. WHILE hoping the people took me up on the advice to try this with their friends/family to further … pay it forward.

    Great idea!

  16. jamie douse Says:

    Id like to add to my previous post

    A young girl i have taught was killed in a car accident last night, she was 16 years old, had a real zest for life, full of enthusiasm and dreams for the years ahead. She was living a dream that she had harboured for a couple of years. She was much like the girl deven describes above.

    On her way home to her hometown and her family a car travelling in the opposite direction drifted into the lane of the car she was a passenger in

    Just 2 days ago she was talking about how she was enjoying her time at college and today she is no longer with us

    Thats how fleeting life can be.

    Dont wait for a tragic reminder before you tell those that you love and care about how you feel about them and what they mean to you

    Pay it forward

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