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Passion into Profits Seminar


This weekend was not only about building muscle and getting stronger, it was also about improving your business.

I just got back last night from the Passion into Profits seminar.  It was a great experience.  There was a TON of useful information and many great ideas on how to create systems, optimizing processes and standardizes what you do everyday.

Dave is making the seminar into a nice DVD that will be available soon.

We started the trip on Wednesday…

We started the trip on Wednesday and just made it to Westside for bench time. There is nothing greater than riding 9 hours in the car and stepping right out into a bench press workout.

We hung out with Louie Simmons, AJ Roberts, Jay Fry and Amy Weisburger. Everyone was great and it was amazing to see how strong the lifters were.

After our bench, Louie took us in to see his secret, shoulder rehab exercise. Benching with his patented bamboo bar + bands and kettlebells. We all took several turns and found out that Louie made it look REAL EASY. Because when we all did it, it was shaking like crazy. We have done this exercise before (we call it Chaos benching) with a standard barbell. But with the bamboo bar, it is a totally different exercise.

We then tried some atlas stone pull throughs (they had handles), some bottoms-up kb pressing, some cable stack lat machine work, some clubbells, foam walking and MUCH MORE…

Joe Hashey and I have all the footage that we will be rolling out periodically over the next couple weeks.

Thursday we hit lunch with AJ Roberts who gave us all the latest info on Web 2.0 and various marketing strategies. At night, I worked on my presentation and got ready for the big squat/deadlift workout on Friday.

Because we were going to Elite Friday night we ended up squatting twice. At Westside in the morning and at Elite Friday night. My hips were beat up to say the least.

At Westside, we hit a green band with the buffalo bar to a 12-14″ box. The height varied with all the guys who were with us. Joe, Eli, Brad and myself were in one group with AJ running the monolift. I hit 2 plates, Joe hit 3 plates, Brad hit 4 plates and Eli hit 5 plates. We then pulled against double wrapped minis and it was brutal, very serious at lockout. I couldn’t get a 425, but Joe, Eli and Brad got it. Joe and Eli then went on to do 8 sets of reverse hypers, 2 sets on each model of reverse hyper that was there. Each was slightly different. I kind of went around and hit various things without any pattern.

Before we left I worked with one of Rob Pilger’s Muay Tai fighters and did a 15 minute interview with Rob for his boxing site.

Off to Elite.

We checked into the hotel and went over to Elite to squat. We waited for one group to get done and we jumped in with Dave Tate. I ended up hitting 3 plates with the spider bar (very cool) but it was a struggle. My hip flexors were murdered. Joe hit 4 plates and did a drop set for his last run. He is like 6’5″ so it was a long way down to the box. Dave did a ton of reps with 6 plates and did a drop set for his last run.

We hit the hotel, I finished looking over the presentation and then I was looking forward to a great night’s sleep so I would be ready to go for the seminar.

Unfortunately, Eli’s snoring had other ideas.

At 4:30 am I commenced with some bird calling and headboard smashing to try and break up Eli’s (who was sleeping in the chair in the corner) relentless, head pounding snore-fest. But this didn’t work and only woke up Joe. Well, when I woke up the next morning at 7am, my eyes looked like someone took sandpaper to them.

We arrived at Elite and I was the third presenter. I talked about:

– Defining processes
– Looking for defects/wastes in processes
– Optimizing processes
– Documenting and standardizing processes
– Centralizing processes

We then piled into the car and headed home for a quiet, 9 hour trip.

If you want to improve your business, look for the Passion into Prifts seminar DVD – COMING SOON!



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8 Responses to “Passion into Profits Seminar”

  1. Al in Vancouver Says:

    Sounds like a stellar time. Get some sleep now!

  2. Jedd Says:

    What, no ear plugs on this trip?

  3. Jim Smith Says:

    Yes, I had ear plugs, they were no match.

  4. Joe Hashey Says:

    My ear plugs were also no match for Smitty’s headboard smashing.

    Thanks for letting me go out with you, it was an awesome trip. Started process logging (gym closing, athlete sign-in, form, etc) this morning. Great information there, people should get excited about the DVD!

  5. Brian Raneri Says:

    Jim I rally enjoyed listening to your seminar at elite fts this weekend thank you very much Brian Raneri

  6. Jim Smith Says:

    Thanks for coming Brian!

  7. RiseAboveStrength Says:

    Sounds like a fun time and some good learning for all. I look forward to seeing more of the videos and getting the DVD when it comes out, thanks guys!

  8. Dan Cenidoza Says:

    Ear plugs are required when entering the Diesel Crew sleep zone!

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