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Giant 200lb Kettlebell Goblet Squats

February 2nd, 2015

What You’re Capable of When Your Back’s Against the Wall – 200lb Goblet Squats


Over the last year, I’ve had on loan a GIGANTIC 200lb Kettlebell from a business partner of mine.

From time to time, I would work it into my training, with the objective of hitting legit Goblet Squats with it.

Heavy Goblet Squats are AWESOME: If you haven’t done Goblet Squats in your training, they are a great alternative to Front Squats, as you get that frontal loading, but don’t have to deal with the same pressure in the wrists, as you would feel when supporting the bar in Olympic-style Front Squats.

Goblet Squats with this massive chunk of iron proved to be very very challenging, and as a result, I got frustrated and tried them less and less.

Recently, my business partner said he’d be coming to grab it and take it back to his gym, so I decided I’d better pursue Goblet Squats a few more times while I had the chance.

It’s amazing what you are capable of when your back is up against the wall.

I knew that my time with the Kettlebell was short, so it became very important to me to accomplish this goal.

So, I essentially cut out all off the negative thinking that was keeping me from succeeding with these 200lb Goblet Squats and finally just went after it.

Here’s a video series showing my most recent success with the 200lb Kettlebell Goblet Squats, which will then be followed by previous, less impressive attempts.

Obviously, once I began inverting the Kettlebell, these became quite a bit easier.

And once I got a taste of success with these, I’ve been able to improve every single time I’ve tried them.

So, here’s the BIG QUESTION: Have you been holding yourself back?

I know I was. I kept telling myself these were hard and because of that, they never got any easier.

I encourage you to take a look at your training, take a look at your thinking, and honestly ask if you’re talking yourself out of success in your lifting.

And if you are, stop doing it.

Tear down the mental barriers and make it happen.

So much of this stuff is mental. Get your head right and your lifting will follow.

All the best in your training.


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January 27th, 2015

Welcome to the Diesel Directory, Brother

This is the site directory. It has all the posts added from 2008 to 2011. The purpose is to help you find the exact information you’re looking for.

All the posts are arranged by topic, so that should help you out big time. For even quicker search abilities, hit the “Ctrl” Button and the letter “F” at the same time, to bring up a search window. You can then type in the term you are looking for, and it will help you find that specific word.

I still have several years’ worth of posts to go through, and I will make sure you know every time updates are made. Please be sure to add your email address so you know when this page is updated, as well as anytime new posts and videos are added to the site.

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Grip Strength

Pain Free Pull-ups: How to Do Pull-ups Without Elbow Pain

January 18th, 2015

Elbow Pain can ruin your workout. When elbow pain gets in the way of your training like this, it can be hard to see the results that you want from your workout. To avoid elbow pain in my training, there are several handles that I use INSTEAD of doing them on the actual Pull-up Bar. This video shows you the handles I use to reduce elbow pain and make my Pull-ups virtually pain free.

Here are links to buy the devices shown in the video for pain free Pull-up training, as well

The Back Bull: I love this thing. It goes onto the bar easy and allows for both a near-overhand or near-underhand position, depending on which muscles you want to emphasize.

Perfect Pull-ups: Unfortunately, I can no longer find Perfect Pull-ups for sale. However, there is a tool out there called Stamina Rotating Handles that look very similar. What’s nice about these is that they allow for a bit wider grip.

Grapple Grips: To my surprise, I can not find these handles anymore either. That’s a shame because these handles could be used for Dumbbell Rows and Cable Rows, as well. A similar device you might want to try is the Grandfather Clocks from Rogue Fitness

Metolius Rock Rings: These tools are made for training the hands for the demands of climbing, but with the way they swivel while hanging from a bar, the make Pull-ups much more comfortable for the elbows.

All of these handles are very effective at reducing the pain you feel when doing Pull-ups and Chin-ups. If your back training seems to be suffering due to elbow pain, then give one of these a try and see if they can be effective at reducing elbow pain from Pull-ups as much as they have been for me.

Any questions on these tools, feel free to ask via the comments section below, email, or message.

All the best in your training.


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Fat Gripz

New Diesel Shirt: Crushin’ Grippers Like It’s My Job

January 14th, 2015

I recently released a new tee-shirt: Crushin’ Grippers Like It’s My Job.


These shirts are printed by a friend I’ve recently met, named Bob Marean.

These are not screen-printed shirts, and are not direct-to-garment.

The process actually involves first printing the design to a sheet of paper using special ink, then placing the sheet on top of of the shirt, and inside a special heated press for about 20 seconds.

The shirts are done in less than 2 minutes.

Below are the colors that are available.

                              Blizzard                                     Steel Grey

blizzard   steel gray

                              Terra                                                Yellow


Order Below


Crushin’ Grippers Steel Grey


Crushin’ Grippers Yellow


Crushin’ Grippers Light Blue


Crushin’ Grippers Terra

Most Tee-Shirts ship within a day. They can take longer if they are out of stock. Getting a shirt back in stock only takes a few days though. Please feel free to email with any questions: jedd dot diesel at gmail dot com.

Thanks, and all the best in your training.


crushin-grey  crushin-orange  crushin-yellow  crushin-blue

Grip Contest: Wyalusing, PA – Grip Hogs Day

January 13th, 2015

The Next Grip Strength Competition will take place on February 7th, and I am designing it to be very welcoming to new competitors.

Grip Hogs Day

jedd 47 seconds SB
Silver Bullet Hold

DATE: February 7th, 2015
ENTRY FORM: Grip Hogs Day

Silver Bullet Hold
Two Hands Pinch
Two Hand Axle Deadlift
Pickaxe Lift
Bull Ring Lift

WEIGH-IN: Any time after 8:00am (scale will be spot-calibrated)
WEIGHT CLASSES: Your lifts will be logged per North American Grip Sport’s weight class system (59k, 66k, 74k, 83k, 93k, 105k, 120k, 120k+)

DIVISIONS: Beginner / Experienced / Expert
Places will be figured based on experience level…examples:

    **Beginners – Very limited grip experience
    **Experienced – 2 or more grip contests
    **Expert – Seasoned Veterans

: 9:00am
RULES: 9:30am
START: 10:00am

LOCATION: Jedd Johnson’s Garage Gym
EMAIL FOR DIRECTIONS: jedd dot diesel at gmail dot com

DEADLINE: February 1st – Paying on contest day, add $10, unless otherwise notified.
Events subject to change without notice
Events order subject to change without notice


PO BOX 806

Available upon request. Please contact me.

AIRPORTS (all three are about the same distance from Wyalusing, 1.5 hrs)
Scranton/Wilkes Barre PA
Binghampton NY
Elmira NY

Event Explanations & Demonstrations

Silver Bullet
The IronMind Silver Bullet is placed between the handles of a #3 gripper. The #2 can be used by women and if the athlete can not get a proper attempt on the #3.

Two Hands Pinch
The adjustable pinch device is used, with steel outside plates and rubber inserts. It is adjustable from 12 to 64mm. With a two-hand, overhand grip, the athlete lifts the device until the loading pipe contacts a cross-bar 16.5 inches high, and then must return the implement to the floor without losing grip on it.

Two Hand Axle
A 1.9-inch thick barbell, called and Axle, is gripped with two hands in an overhand grip. The athlete must lift the axle to lockout. Once the referee gives the down signal, he must lower it back to the ground without losing his grip.

Pickaxe to Front (Max Weight)
The Pickaxe device is loaded at the front and gripped at the end. It must be lifted so the front crosses the height of 30 inches, without a steel shot falling off. The steel shot prevents excessive tilt. The Pickaxe can be lowered with two hands.

The Bull Ring
The Bull RIng is a brand new event testing extensor strength. The hand is placed palm-down inside the ring, contacting only the underside of the lifting surface, and at no time can come in contact with the V-shaped supports on the underside. The athlete must lift the Bull Ring to lockout, get a good call from the ref, and the return it to the floor without losing grip on the implement.


I hope to see you on February 7th. It’s gonna be a great time.


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