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Is Your Gripper Knurling HELPING or HURTING Your Gripper Performance?

August 14th, 2015

As you know, I rate a lot of grippers.

Gripper junkies send me their grippers and I measure how strong they are by using a device called an RGC.

This has become the standard for getting a direct strength comparison between grippers from different companies.

However, there’s one variable that the RGC is incapable of factoring in, and that is the gripper knurling quality.

Maybe you’ve noticed that the knurling on the gripper handle varies from one company to the next?

For instance, Beef Builder knurling is usually very rough, COC knurling is of a good, middle-of-the-road level, and then Heavy Grips grippers feel very smooth.

Knurling can make a BIG difference in how good of a grip you can get on the handles and how far you can come from closing the gripper.

Here’s an example…

I was working on my Credit Card Set strength with my left hand last night and was smashing my 129-rated BBSM.

But, when I dropped down to my 128 and 127 rated grippers, I was missing by about 3 to 5 millimeters.

So, why would I be able to DOMINATE a 129-rated gripper and then miss on other grippers that are slightly lighter?

The biggest factor was the knurling.

The 129-rated BBSM has knurling that literally feels like you could grate a block of cheese with it.

The lighter grippers, however, came with naturally less-aggressive knurling on them.

PLUS, on top of that, these grippers have been in my collection for nearly 10 years, and I used to be REALLY HARD ON MY GRIPPERS.

I didn’t take care of them at all, and would just throw them in my gym bag or chalk bucket and they would bounce around and bang into one another.

As a result, from all that abuse, the handle knurling has been beaten down to almost nothing and as a result, I can get nearly as good of a grip on the handles of my older grippers.

Since my left hand really STINKS at Credit Card Set training, since that range of 125 to 130lbs is near my limit, I often fail on grippers with beaten-down knurling.

So, I encourage you to take care of your grippers.

These days, I am OBSESSIVE about my knurling condition.

Keep them in good shape, so you aren’t dealing with basically bald grippers, like I do on a daily basis.

If you need more help with your gripper training, check out these resources:

1. CRUSH: Total Gripper Domination:
This Video covers everything you need to know regarding gripper training technique, as well as drills, tactics and strategies to help you with your gripper training.

2. Cadence Based Training:
This ebook is my gripper training program that I devised over the span of a couple years and has helped me consistently improve my performance every year since implementing it.

3. Operation: Gripper Certification:
This video focuses on the intricacies of the credit card set, the technique that is required for certification with the IronMind Captains of Crush grippers.

These 3 resources are must-haves IF you’re serious about grippers.

If you just dabble, and don’t really care about closing bigger grippers, then these products are not necessary.

Get what you need for your specific goals, TODAY.

All the best in your training.


P.S. Here’s the links for those KEY gripper training resources:

1. CRUSH: Total Gripper Domination

2. Cadence Based Training

3. Operation: Gripper Certification

August of Arms 2015 – First 10-Day Re-Measure

August 11th, 2015

August of Arms 2015: Update #1

With yesterday being August 10th, it was my first Re-Measure Day for August of Arms.

I was PSYCHED to report about a 1/4 inch improvement on each arm, especially since the first 7 days of the month I was on family vacation.

As a review, I started out at roughly 19 inches per arm and now I am at 19.25 inches. The still shots are in the video below.

On Saturday, I was driving back from the beach, so I was only able to get some high-rep band work in and missed the planned workout, so on Sunday I combined both Saturday’s and Sunday’s workouts and got a great session in.

Here’s a video of one of the exercises I did, called Arm Wrestler Dumbbell Curls. It was part of the Fame of Arms workout in the August of Arms program.

Arm Wrestler Dumbbell Curls

As you can see, Arm Wrestler Dumbbell Curls is all about strength. The dumbbell used was pretty heavy and the isometric hold at the half-way point was very demanding and produced a different kind of pump in the arms.

The way I see it, it’s still early in the month. Plenty more time to produce add size to the guns.

Being home, I will be able to get better quality workouts than when I was on vacation, so I’m really looking forward to the next 2/3 of the month!

It’s not too late to pick up your copy of August of Arms. So what if you’re late to the ball game.

Your month of August of Arms starts RIGHT NOW!

Pick up your copy of August of Arms TODAY.

All the best in your training.


August of Arms Baseline Tests

July 31st, 2015

August of Arms 2015

You Son of a B*tch!

When set out to put August of Arms 2015 together, I wanted it to be something different.

Not just the same old arm training B.S. where it’s a bunch of endless reps, and all you’re trying to do is get a pump.

While the size is good, I always thought it was best to build some strength along with it.

So, I worked plenty of strength training into the August of Arms layout as well.

In fact, the first workout of August of Arms is a Testing Day where you get your baseline strength measurements.

There are 4 different movements that I chose. One low-volume test for both biceps and triceps, and one high-volume test for both biceps and triceps.

If you think that August of Arms is just the same old stuff regurgitated, then you’re wrong, brother. Period.

I needed to have these videos ready for the initial release of the product, so I shot them several days early.

Here’s how I did in my baseline arm strength and endurance tests.

Close Grip Bench Press – Bodyweight for Reps

Barbell Curl – 135lbs for Reps

One Arm French Press – 30lbs for 100 reps AFAP

Poundstone Curl – 45lbs for 100 reps AFAP

I thought, going in, that I had chosen some pretty good benchmark movements, and after going through them myself, I feel even more strongly that I picked good movements to track progress.

Throughout the month, aside from doing exercises that are going to add size to your arms, you’ll also be doing other lifts that contribute to your performance on these 4 key lifts.

I feel that this month’s program is gonna be awesome for you. It’s different from anything I’ve ever read or tried, and I think it’s going to bring about big results for you.

If you want to build bigger arms, then pick up August of Arms, today.

All the best in your training.


How I Got Obsessed with Building Big Arms

July 30th, 2015

Growing up with a steady feed of wrestling during my younger years, I always wanted to build up my own big set of arms.

Bank Rolls Do Not Build Biceps.
-Ultimate Warrior-

I grew up with guys like Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior, the Warlord, the Barbarian, Jimmy Snuka, and other wrestlers who were JACKED beyond belief. So I wanted to be big and muscular, too, with a THICK set of arms.

Unfortunately, I had no weights as a youngster and I was actually kind of lazy in high school, so I didn’t have much chance of building big arms until I was in college, playing baseball at Mansfield University.

That was when I met Scott Costa.

Scott was another one of the first-basemen on the team, and the first day of practice, I was instantly impressed with his muscular development. I had only ever met one dude in real life, before that who was actually muscular.

As a fan of weight training with no idea how to get started, I really looked up to him because I could tell he worked hard and knew what he was doing.

He was also a pretty funny dude. “Look at these aesthetics, Johnson. Aesthetics.”

I didn’t even know what that word meant at the time. All I knew is I wanted to build arms like his…

Once I started lifting, I was always serious about my arm training.

I never made it a habit to miss or skip arm workouts and took my training seriously, even though some people don’t even bother training arms, for whatever reason.

But last year, I decided to raise the intensity up a notch.

I was driving in the car on the way back from New Jersey with my long-time friend in lifting, Brad Martin, and we came up with the idea of training arms every day during the month of August. I’d first seen Dave Depew doing daily arm training, and after I saw his awesome results, I decided I wanted to try it.

So, I started posting about “August of Arms” here on the site, out on Facebook, and on some other forums and websites. Before I knew it, other people were joining in as well.

So, during August of 2014, I trained Arms every single day and I was very happy with the results. I added about an inch to each arm, going from right around 18 to right around 19 inches. I heard from several others who said they saw good gains as well.

But the other thing I kept hearing a lot of was the fact that people wanted a program to follow. Some people felt like they were wandering around aimlessly without some guidance. Some were adding stuff in at the end of the workout and getting tired of the same old stuff. Others felt like they could have gotten better results with more of a plan.

That kind of feedback came to me enough times that I decided I would put something together for August of Arms 2015.

So, for the majority of July, I have been working hard to put together an awesome month of training for you.

August of Arms contains 31 workouts, one for each day of the month of August, to help you both increase your arm size as well as your strength.

While being big has always been an interest of mine, I always liked the idea of building strength along with it too.

And since some people got tired of plugging the same handful of exercises into the end of their workouts last year, I made sure to mix things up this year, adding 69 different exercises into the program.

There’s even more great stuff I packed into the program. If you want to find out more about it, and especially if you want to add Noticeable Mass to your arms this August, be sure to get August of Arms.

All the best in your training.


Some Diesel Shirts Will Soon Be Unavailable

July 30th, 2015

What’s up, DIESELS!

Several years ago, I set up an on-line shop through a site called Printfection and began selling Diesel Crew tee shirts.

I got a note recently that Printfection is shutting down at the end of July, so I thought I’d let you know that pretty soon a lot of these shirts are never going to be available again.

The artwork guy that did the designs either passed away or no longer has web service because I haven’t heard a peep from him since 2012.

Because of that, I don’t have access to the original artwork, so I can’t replicate the designs.

I invite you to grab one of these shirts, while you can. Some of the designs were pretty darn cool!

Here’s the link to the Diesel Crew Printfection Store:

All the best in your training,