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Overhead Press Update – 100 Pound Dumbbells

My absolute favorite type of Strength Training, aside from Grip, is Overhead Lifting. Whether done in strict fashion, like a press, or a more dynamic fashion, like a jerk, it is all good to me.

As I highlighted in a recent video, I had been having discomfort near my right collar bone which was interfering in some of my lifts.

Initiating movement out of the rack position was causing difficulty for me on strict movements, such as the Barbell and Dumbbell Press. I mentioned it in this video: My Approach to Overhead Work.

Well, there was no way I was going to cut Overhead Work out of my program. After all, it was only a few lifts that caused me problems.

Since straining out of the rack position was feeling like someone was driving a wooden stake into my chest like I was a vampire, I just didn’t do strict press.

Instead, I cycled in Push Press and Jerks, and there was almost ZERO pain when I trained.

I think many people make the mistake of just shutting things down when they have an injury, especially something minor like I was having. To me, work-arounds such as exercise replacements are much better options and keep you from losing strength while you recover.

In fact, last week, I found that even though I had not done tried 100-lb Dumbbell Press since June, I was still able to match my all-time personal best of 3 Reps.

The only thing I did notice is that I felt slower out of the rack position, which makes complete sense, since I had not worked that specific portion of the lift in a few weeks. In fact, I think if I had been working the rack position intensely all of this time, I probably would have hit 4 or even 5 reps.

I say this because being slow out of the whole made me work harder for the lockout, and if I had more burst out of the bottom, I would have had more left for the lockout. Just speculation, of course…

If you currently have shoulder pain, you need to stay tuned to my site or, even better yet, sign up for my newsletter. Two of my friends, Rick Kaselj and Mike Westerdall have teamed up to put together an excellent resource for recovery from Shoulder Pain.

I reviewed almost all of it on Friday and this thing is packed with info. It is going to help a lot of people get out of pain.

And the best part is, it is designed specifically with people who train hard and take their workouts seriously in mind.

Sign up below for updates if you haven’t already, and all the best in your training.


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2 Responses to “Overhead Press Update – 100 Pound Dumbbells”

  1. Tony Says:

    My back would be done after that much hyper-extension. Impressive strong though.

  2. Jedd Johnson Says:

    I was reaching a point where I knew I’d have to get more out of the lower back in order to press on the next rep and that is exactly why I terminated the set, so good call in that regard. However, that rep felt perfectly fine and pales in comparison to some of my horrible technique I have used in the passed and no longer practice. Thanks for stopping by.


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