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Outstanding Stone Lifting Clip

This is Chris Muir from Willoughby, Ohio. Chris is a 28-yr old Strongman competitor. This kid has a never-say-die attitude and he is out to murder any atlas stone that is in his way. In the video clip below, Chris does a triple with a 412-lb, 22-inch diameter atlas stone, lap to chest.

In case you are not familiar with stone lifting, let me tell you – that is ONE HUGE STONE!!! The fact that Chris is doing this at a mere 208 bodyweight makes it even more outstanding.

I was just on the phone with Chris and he says he is gunning for a 465-lb stone at Steve Slater’s contest in a few weeks. For that one, he won’t have to load a series of stones up onto a conventional platform. Instead he’ll choose one stone at a time and lift it over a 4-ft bar. He also says he has an order in for a lead insert to use for building an even heavier stone!

Best of luck to you Chris and keep up the good work.

Chris just started a blog – you can check it out here.


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2 Responses to “Outstanding Stone Lifting Clip”

  1. Jim Smith Says:

    Chris was a previous Diesel of the Month Athlete! Excellent!

  2. Graeme Says:

    damn, talk about determination, if he can move that big a stone @ 208lb, what excuse do any of the WSM who have 100+lbs on him have???
    I sure hope there is going to be video of him at the contest??hitting the 465lb stone

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