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Replace Cardio with Bull Strength Conditioning



My buddy Joe Hashey released Bull Strength Conditioning last week. He was all done with his introductory sale on Friday.

I went up and hit a workout with Joe this past weekend and afterwards, Joe and I went to Tully’s for their famous a buffalo chicken sandwich.

While we were chomping away, I asked if he’d be interested in letting the Diesel Universe have a chance to get Bull Strength Conditioning at a reduced price.

He just got back with me today and he is giving everybody here the chance to pick it up at the original introductory price – Just 27 bucks.

Also, this weekend, I designed a complete Done-for-You 8-week Grip Training Program that I am going to send to everybody that picks up Bull Strength Conditioning through my link. All you have to do is just forward your receipt to my email address, (jedd dot diesel at gmail dot com) and I will send you the links to get the 8-week Grip Program Video.

You can use this 8-week program in your own training or with your athletes. Each week’s routine includes 3 movements. No exercise is repeated throughout the entire program and all disciplines of Grip are included: Pinch, Crush, Support, Wrist Postures, Forearm Work, and Grip Integration.

There’s also a PDF version of the workout that you can print out, take with you to the gym, and make notes on each week.

This program will compliment the Bull Strength Conditioning perfectly, and you’ll have 24 exercises that you can use later on to modify the program however you want to.

Just pick it up through my link, send me your receipt, and I’ll hook you up with the 8-week Grip Program. Here’s my link:

All the best in your training.


P.S. Did you see the cool banner Joe designed just for all my friends that pick up Bull Strength? You can see it here:

P.P.S. Update – This just in from Pedro Morales on Facebook: “I highly, highly recommend this program, I just bought it a few days ago, I love it, The bonuses are enough to stand on their own right!!! Awesome thing about Bull Strength Conditioning is you can get a High Level of Conditioning without beating up your Knees! I love this about the program, My knees are beat to hell from all the H.I.I.T. I’ve done in the Past!”

P.P.S. My link is an affiliate link and I do get a portion of the sale money – that is why I put together this killer bonus.

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2 Responses to “Replace Cardio with Bull Strength Conditioning”

  1. Barry Gibson Says:

    I was lucky enough to be asked by Joe to review Bull Strength Conditioning and I have to say he is absolutely insane to give it away at this price – put it together with Jedd’s grip training and you’ll be one scary athlete – Get this awesome deal now and take your fitness and strength to the next level!!!

  2. Joe Hashey Says:

    Barry – Thanks! Your review helped shape the manual. If you ever skip across the pond then we should get a crazy workout day in!

    How are your fighters doing?


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