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One Hand Snatch Submissions

Great submissions this week! We have our first co-winners, Mike Rojas and Manny Cortez from Strong 101 Gym! Great work fellas!

Check it out, below, as Mike and Manny lay waste to a 115-lb dumbbell, paying it no regards – snatching it to the sky and then discarding it like 115-lbs of losing lottery tickets. Absolute domination – forget about it!

Mike Rojas / Manny Cortez

Josh McIntyre

In addition, we had a two-way tie for the next highest weight, 100-lbs. Josh M. hit it multiple times with a normal sized dumbbell and his facial expression remained the same throughout the entire set, as if he were Michael Myers about to slit a throat in the Halloween movies.

Ben Edwards

Ben Edwards ripped out one rep with 100-lbs, but he also used a beautiful thick bar implement that he attained from Al Meyers, a true thing of beauty. Who knows how many he could have gotten with a conventional dumbbell.

Chris Vaughn

Chris Vaughn was right there, close by with an estimated 99-lb Snatch, also on a thick bar handle which looked very easy. I think Chris has the potential to be a force for future challenges.

Christopher Smith

At just 140-lbs, Christopher Smith came in with 80-lbs, but with the exceptional adherence to quality form and multiple reps, I think we can all agree that he had more in the tank. I am looking for Chris to keep sending in videos. Great work.

I hope everybody had a great training week! Enjoy your weekend. If you are training tomorrow or Sunday, set a PR for me, because I will be setting one for you!

All the best.


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6 Responses to “One Hand Snatch Submissions”

  1. Mike Rojas Says:

    Finally, the Rock has come back to _____! Wrong website…

    I mean, finally we can claim a first on one of these Grip Challenges. Thanks for pushing us to get better every week J.J.! As always, Kick Ass Competition fellas.

  2. Josh McIntyre Says:

    Congrats Mike, nice pull!

  3. Christine Leander Says:

    Josh McIntyre all the way. He made it look easy!

  4. tracy Says:

    Josh McIntyre for sure! Did it like it was nothing

  5. Jedd Johnson Says:

    There is no vote this weekend. Thanks.

  6. Joshua McIntyre Says:

    My vote is for Jedd Johnson

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