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Build Explosiveness & a Strong Grip with the Dumbbell Snatch!

Dumbbell Snatch

This week’s grip challenge is the One Arm Dumbbell Snatch.

This is a great lift for building athleticism because you have to move the dumbbell quickly in order to complete the movement.

This movement is also great because it trains the movement pattern of triple extension, which is the sequential powerful extension of the hips, knees, and ankles that is present when leaping, running, throwing, and when performing other big, powerful movements.

This is an excellent example of Grip Integration
, especially when the hook grip is not used.

Grip Integration is trained by choosing exercises that involve movement over multiple joints, but the Grip Strength remains a limiting factor. In this case, if the hook grip is used, the grip is secured, canceling it out as a limiting factor.

When the hook grip is not used, the inertia of the dumbbell tries to open the hand up during the movement and you must focus hard on keeping the hand closed. This is how the Grip becomes a limiting factor.

Here is a video, demonstrating the One Arm Dumbbell Snatch.

As a reminder, only dumbbells should be used for this challenge. As we go on, we will be testing the One Arm Barbell Snatch and Kettlebell Snatch, but not this week. In fact, if you want to start training for future Grip Strength Challenges, I plan on having the One Arm Barbell Snatch as the challenge in roughly four week and the Kettlebell Snatch in roughly eight weeks.

To review from the video, here are the rules for this week’s Grip Challenge, the One Arm Dumbbell Snatch:

1. Must use a Dumbbell

2. No hook Grip Allowed.

3. An effort should be made to not allow the forearm or wrist to tough the head of the dumbbell or weights added to the handle.

4. The dumbbell can be snatched from the floor or a stretch reflex may be employed.

5. The objective is to snatch as big of a dumbbell as possible. Any number of repetitions with a heavier dumbbell beats any number of repetitions with a lighter dumbbell.

6. Email me your video submissions by 8 PM EST on Friday, May 13. You can also send them to me via Facebook (Jedd’s Facebook Page) or YouTube (Jedd’s YouTube Page).

7. Knee re-bend on the catch is permitted!

All the best in your training.


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  2. Ben Edwards Says:

    Great challenge and it’ll be interesting to see the big numbers put up on this week’s event!

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