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One Hand Deadlift Submissions


Last week, I got only three submissions for the Grip Strength Challenge, but that’s OK.

What was really interesting, however, is that last week’s event, the One Hand Deadlift with a Pronated Grip, proved to be a bit less predictable than I expected.

Paul Tompkins – 205

This was a huge surprise for me. I have seen Paul’s Grip Strength in person and I expected a bigger number, however, we all know that not everyone is on top of their game every single day they train. Perhaps though, this exposes Paul’s weakness – Support Grip? He has done very well in other disciplines, especially for a person who just this year started doing Grip Training on a regular basis…

Scott Goguen – 242.5

Scott showed up on the radar just recently and by the looks he is not messing around. He used fractional weight plates in order to bump up to 242.5 from 240. Very interesting because I love seeing people go for every last inch and every last ounce. Great job Scott!

Mike Turpin – 260

This week’s winner is Mike “the Turpinator” Turpin. He provides a bit of humor just about every week now. I am seeing that he has both serious abilities as a comic as well as being a budding Grip Star. He has also pointed out that he is becoming more and more addicted to Grip Training. I hope he is able to attend Grip Strength Nationals on July 12! Congratulations Mike!!!

My goal is to have this coming week’s Grip Strength Challenge posted by tomorrow. Here’s a hint – it’s for endurance!!!

I wish everyone a Happy Independence Day!

All the best in your training!


Fat Gripz

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7 Responses to “One Hand Deadlift Submissions”

  1. Paul Tompkins Says:

    Congrats Turpin! Way to go!!

  2. Josh McIntyre Says:

    Congrats Mike. Paul, you had more in you.

  3. Mike Turpin Says:

    thanks guys!!

  4. Jason Steeves Says:

    Great lifting Mike!

  5. Daniel Reinard Says:

    Congrats Mike!

  6. Daniel Reinard Says:

    Just noticed, it says Nats it July 12th? 16th right?

  7. Jedd Johnson Says:

    Definitely. I must have been distracted when I wrote that.

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