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One of the Most Disturbing Videos I’ve Seen

Do not watch this video, unless you really want to get upset.

This is not the kind of training kids should be doing.

I understand that the parents want their kids to have a better life and hope that integrating them into the country run athletic machine is the answer. But, I watched a REAL SPORTS documentary about the fact that after these kids train in this environment for years and don’t make it or get injured, they are forgotten and cast out.

A very, very sad situation.

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2 Responses to “One of the Most Disturbing Videos I’ve Seen”

  1. Graeme Says:

    that is communism at it’s best, just keep grinding those poor little kids into the ground so by the time the 2020 olympics rolls round, they will be bitter and twisted and seen protesting in Te’anamin Square against the government and the way they have been treated and forced to train all in the pursuit of possible Olympic Gold, because anything less would be a waste of time and not recognised.

    So glad at 3 i was able to choose what sport i played if any…..

  2. Jhashey Says:

    Very disturbing. I’ve seen other olympic training videos from the Middle East and it’s the same stuff with kids. I’m not a fan of China hosting the olympics for many other reasons, but this is just straight child abuse on top of the other issues.

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