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No Grip Challenge This Week – Diesel Classic Video Instead


This week there will not be a Grip Strength Challenge.

I am working on tying up loose ends for Grip Nationals which is this weekend.

Plus I will be away from Internet Service most of the weekend. We will pick back up with the Grip Strength Challenge next week!

However, that does not mean I do not have something cool for you to try.

I dug through the archives of Diesel Classic Footage and grabbed something from summer of 2003.

How I Got My First Blob

Shortly before making this video, I had bought my first Blob from Rick Walker. We had met at the Olive Garden in Horseheads, NY, and Rick, Rick’s Mom, Smitty, and I had a nice afternoon lunch, and then the Blob transaction was made. Once out to the parking lot, I fumbled around with the Blob for a bit until i finally picked it up after 3 or 4 attempts and walked several steps down the parking lot with it.

That was a great day!

A few workouts later, I brought the Blob up to the Gym in Horseheads and tried some crazy combination lifts with the Blob, one of which you will see below, along with a keg.

A few more points about the video (that I can remember)

  • The Keg weighs roughly 150. We filled it with water out of a hose, but I can’t remember how we got the water in
  • This was like the 4th damn try. The Blob kept slipping out of my hand.
  • I was weighing like 226. I had just cut down from like 240 in order to compete in my first strongman contest in the lighter weight class so i didn’t get too badly schooled. Abs were RIPPED back then.
  • Hair was highlighted. Do I lose cool points for this?
  • That Song is “Tyler’s Song” by Coal Chamber. That’s one of my Top 10 Favorites. In the beginning of the Diesel Video Explosion, YouTube was not around, so we streamed all the videos off the site. Also at that time, I didn’t know how to capture the audio along with the video, so it was either bad Coal Chamber music or dead air over top of awesome strength feats.

I’ve got hundreds of more videos in the Diesel Archives. If you have been watching the site for a while and remember a Diesel Classic you’d like to see again, leave a comment below and I will try to find it and upload it for all to enjoy!

All the best in your training.


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5 Responses to “No Grip Challenge This Week – Diesel Classic Video Instead”

  1. John Merchant Says:

    Haha, still strong back before your body was in proportion to your massive skull.

    I’d heard that you guys used to do a “plow lift” or something, similar to Steve Justa’s shovel lift. Is that true, and if so, any videos?

  2. Michael Doran Says:

    The grip challenge is appreciated, I’ll get after it and submit an entry one of these days. You do have motivational posts and yes, you lose cool points for the highlights, but that was 2003, you didn’t know any better.

  3. gym.hodgson - Homemadegymstuff Says:

    “Hair was highlighted. Do I lose cool points for this?”

    Nah, but on the other hand if it had been a mullet…

  4. Rick Walker Says:

    – Its an old keg. You pulled the wooden cork, filled it, and replaced it with a rubber one. Well, that is what I did with mine anyway!

    – You are looking small then compared to today. You have come a long way bro!

    – -10 cool points.

    – Never been a Coal Chamber fan.

    I like seeing the old stuff, you should archive it somewhere. Easy like Sunday Morning was the shit, as was the video when Smitty danced across the screen.


  5. Josh McIntyre Says:

    Are those frosted tips? You’ve come a long way bay-bay.

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