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No More Knee Pain, Hit Your Squat Depth, Improve Hip Mobility, Activate Glutes

AB(Duction) Band Squats

No More Knee Pain
Hit Your Squat Depth
Improve Hip Mobility
Activates Glutes
Activates / Strengthens Hip Abductors
Improves Patella Tracking

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6 Responses to “No More Knee Pain, Hit Your Squat Depth, Improve Hip Mobility, Activate Glutes”

  1. Bert Says:

    Jim or Jedd,

    Will doing this exercise as a part of your warmup/mobility circuit help improve the qualities mentioned above, or will you need to squat frequently and heavy with these bands to get that effect?

    Kind regards,


  2. Jim Smith Says:

    Without a doubt. No, not frequently, just start incorporating them. You will see the benefit immediately.

  3. Dave Says:

    Looks like a great addition. Do you recommend adding them as a warm-up prior to your regular squat training, or as an extra mini-workout on other days, or both?

  4. Chris Says:

    Hello from Denmark. I like all your videos packed with tips and tricks.
    I do not understand this one though. Am I supposed to spread out my knees as get up or get down? How many how often? I have a slight irritation on the right side of my right knee, which I believe came from too much squatting and deadlifting. Thank you.

  5. A weightlifter’s guide to mountain hiking | mantisfit Says:

    […] your mobility work to your hips. Check out Diesel Crew’s excellent – and free – hip mobility program. Looking after your hips will help protect your most vulnerable area: your […]

  6. Nick Says:

    yo smitty, ive been suffering with a bad case of patella femoral for about 2 years now,is there anything specific to my problem that you think would help me out

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