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No More Excuses


There isn’t much to say except you should not let excuses stop you from achieving your fitness or strength training goals.

Every day of every week I am swamped.  Working, kids, driving, writing, kids, kids, kids…but I still get my workouts in.

I might have to adjust my workout schedule for the days that I train, but I always get it in.  I have to!  It is my stress reliever.

If you have excuses, they’ll eat you up and keep you from reaching your goals.

Smash those excuses and get training!

If you only have 15-30 minutes to train and you still want to build muscle, AMD is right up your alley.  Check it out, it will be unleashed soon!

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8 Responses to “No More Excuses”

  1. Doug Says:

    Man! I would hate to meet that guy in a dark alley. Good for him very very impressive.

  2. matt Says:

    that is a disgrace, far too much weight, terrible form, teaches inexperienced lifters very very bad habits, no wonder people end up with disc prolapses, get it off the net !

  3. Jim Smith Says:

    Yes, of course the form is not optimal.

    The point of the post was that he is still killing it at 77 years old. I believe that is an inspiration and his strength is very impressive.

  4. Matty Holmes Says:

    This dude is awesome hes tearin it up at 77 I dont see guys half his age and younger able to lift that with good or bad form.

    Thanks for sharing Smitty

    -Matty Holmes

  5. shut it matt Says:

    Uh, this guy is older than my grandpa and he can dead lift almost as much as me, thats pretty impressive considering my grandpa can barely get into a car easily

  6. Max Shank Says:

    If this guy lifted like that all the time he would have never made it this far.
    My own form looks a lot different on a 5×5 than a 1RM attempt.
    Good lift.

  7. marty Says:

    The best part is he’s laughing at the young muscled guy with the wraps I hella laughed the old guy is punkin him!!!

  8. odin Says:

    Very inspiring, great video Smitty!

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