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No Live Stream Today


Several of the Gripaholics that were going to be here today had to cancel out, so there is no live stream today, but we are in the process of scheduling more group training sessions soon, so please stay tuned.

In the meantime, here is a quick video of the last time we got together when Mike Rinderle lifted the 50-lb Blob for his first time and when I had a go at number 4 gripper, coming pretty close to finishing it off.

If you don’t know what the Blob is
, here is a post that will tell you all about it: The 50-lb York Blob.

I wanted to let you all know a few of the things I have going on…

This week I will have guest posts popping up all over the internet. I sent a guest post over to my buddy Joe Hashey on Grip Training Pitfalls for Strength Coaches and Athletes. Believe it or not, the way you train grip for athletics is different from the way you train for doing feats of strength and for competing in grip contests. I’ll go over that for you at Joe’s site,

Also, I am working on a guest post for the Art of Manliness on Feats of Strength that build huge amounts of muscle. If you go to that board at all, look for that coming up soon.

I have plenty of other stuff in the works as well. I shot a ton of video yesterday, have lots of other stuff that I am sitting on, and have a whole sheet full of stuff that I haven’t even done yet. It’ll all be coming your way in time.

Also, some time this week, I am going for the Mash Monster Gripper Level 3 Certification. I was supposed to do that during today’s live stream, but won’t be able to now, at least not with a group of dudes cheering me on. I will have to go at this one solo! Wish me luck.

Diesels, with Thanksgiving coming up, I may not be posting much this week. I am lucky and have a huge family and have tons of Thanksgiving Festivities this coming week. While it gets in my way of doing website stuff, I am still very thankful to have so many people in my life that I love and that love me. I hope this coming week, you remember how lucky you are and tell your family how much you love them like I will be doing.

I also want to let everyone know something that happened within my family a couple weeks ago.
My sister was heading to North Carolina for the weekend to visit one of our cousins. She was in the right hand lane of travel on a big highway and a giant tractor trailer was entering from a ramp beside her.

She could not get over to the left lane to let the truck enter, but the trucker did not yield. The giant truck smashed into my sisters little car, propelling it forward and spinning it around 180 degrees. The turck and my sister hit the brakes and now my sister’s car was actually facing the grill of the tractor trailer, being pushed backwards down the highway to a screeching halt.

To top this all off, once the two vehicles came to stop, the tractor trailer driver simply backed up a little bit and then drove off as if nothing had happened.

I guess the lesson learned here is on these on-ramps, you never know how the driver is going to act. Will they yield? Will they speed up? Will they get in front of you? Will they hit you? Who knows – so be prepare for anything and keep yourself safe. Move to the left when you can and get the heck out of the way!

Luckily, my sister and her boyfriend walked away from this mess without even a scratch on them, but they were very scared and shocked that the driver did not even have the decency to check and see if they were alright. It could have been a lot worse and because she got out of it unhurt, I am truly Thankful.

So I encourage each of you reading to count your blessings this week. If you have any stories you’d like to share with us here at the Diesel Community feel free.

All the best in your training this week. Remember, the show still goes on the week of Thanksgiving my friends!


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6 Responses to “No Live Stream Today”

  1. Barry Gibson Says:

    Hey Jedd,
    Glad your sis is ok man!! Some people don’t give a s**t!! They shouldn’t be allowed on the roads, pricks!!!

  2. Jim Smith Says:

    Thanks Barry. I am with you my friend.

  3. tnthudson Says:

    Hey Jedd,
    I work with a trucking company, and if she has the name of the company she can report them…she can call the Safety Director of the company to discuss with the company, or she can call the state DOT. If she has the unit number of the truck it would help but they should be able to figure it out by the date and location. That dude will probably lose his commercial license I would think, meaning that he can’t do that to anyone else again.

  4. Jack Says:

    tnthudson is absolutely right, any info that can help identify this driver should be reported. Someone like this jerk should not be allowed to drive any vehicle, much less a big rig. It’s bad that he would lose his livelihood, but that’s better than someone losing their life. Identify the driver and company, then sue. I’m truly thankful that no one was injured. Somebody was looking out for them. And you’re right, you never know what anyone on the road will do. Maintain focus and be prepared.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Mike Rinderle Says:


    Glad to hear your sis and her boyfriend are OK. Scary stuff. Accidents happen, but to drive off like that is criminal!

    Damn bro, I forgot how close you were on that #4! Awesome stuff and thanks for posting the video.

  6. Shaun Says:

    Hi Jedd

    It’s good to be back here after the last guest post. Things are always busy in our world eh. I liked The video, I must try that sometime. I always do like a challenge. Sorry to hear that about your sis, but it is a reminder that we all must stay away from those big vehicles… you really don’t know what they will do.

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