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Next Grip Contest: The Gripmas Carol

Next Grip Contest for me is the Gripmas Carole, hosted by Chris Rice, in Zanesville, Ohio on December 10th.

I have gone to this contest every year (except one) since it became a Contest. The first year it was held it was just a get together where the guys just did feats. The only year I have missed this grip contest was last year when I had a prior commitment.

I truly look forward to Gripmas every year because it gives me the chance to compete in a contest without also having to run it, which can hinder performance, to say the least. Chris has seemed to find a way to delegate enough of it where he can remain focused though, as I have seen him put up big numbers and win his weight class time and again.

Speaking of weight classes, if you are of a smaller build, and don’t want to go against the heavy weights in your first competition, you should think about giving this one a try, especially if you can sneak in under 207, the cut-off for the weight classes.

The events for this comp will be the following (I think I have them in the right order, but I could be slightly off):

1. Choked Grippers

Torsion Spring Grippers are choked at parallel and the athlete must squeeze the handles together. There are four attempts and it is not rising bar. The video above will show you how the event will be judged this year.

To see how to choke grippers, join Aside from being a way to test crushing strength without having to set the gripper, choked grippers is an excellent way to perform ROM-specific crush grip work. In October I showed how to choke grippers with a hose clamp and built them into the workout of the month. Join today for $7.

Above is a video of Josh Dale putting a serious hurting on some ridiculous gripper, like a 190+ rated Gripper or something like that. Pure sickness.

2. Two Hands Pinch

This will be contested as usual, with the Euro Pinch Device. Chris allows as many widths as needed, meaning the smaller handed individuals will be able to use whatever is comfortable for them.

If you have not seen how this event is run, the video above will cover all of that for you.

3. Double Sledge Lever

Chris loves his Sledge Lever events. In 2009, it was a single sledge for max weight. Last year (the year I missed) it was single sledge for reps. This year it is Double Sledge for Max Weight.

The video above will show you how this event is contested.

4. Hercules Hold

I have not seen exactly what the Herc Hold will look like for this year’s contest, but the idea is that you will stand in a crucifix position holding a handle in each hand and go for as long as possible.

The best video I can find of this event is of my buddy, Phil Pfister, doing it in 2007. He also had another dramatic hold where he screamed at the crowd proclaiming that he would one day be world’s strongest man, but I couldn’t find it.

5. Medley

One of the most exciting events in Grip Sport aside from the Two Hands Pinch is the Medley. Consisting of all disciplines within the realm of Grip and often featuring different forms of bending and tearing as well, you have to be ready for some serious mayhem when you go to a contest where the medley is contested.

In the video above, I am training for the medley, mostly with block weights and blobs but also with other challenges as well, including the Inch Dumbbell, Sledge Hammers, upside-down Kettlebells, and other things.

No cookies? Fine. No presents!!!

The main way to enter this competition is by going to the GripBoard and signing up as a member, but if you are not into boards, I’d be glad to put you into contact with the promoter, Chris Rice, and get you going toward participating in the event. Just email me or leave a comment if you’d like more info.

All the best in your training,



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