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New Training Video – Strong, Healthy Knees

Here is a video of some unique step-up squat variations.

1. Standard – Straight down with back leg, focusing on driving through lead leg
2. Extended Back Leg – Creating more of a hip dominant movements, increasing hip strength mobility
3. Extended Back Leg onto FOAM – Creating more of a hip dominant movements, increasing hip strength mobility, forcing all the focus on the lead leg, negating driving off back foot

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6 Responses to “New Training Video – Strong, Healthy Knees”

  1. cvoigt Says:

    These all seem like very introductory progressions. What about more advanced 1LSQ with the off leg extended in front in a pike? Or off of an unstable surface?

  2. Jim Smith Says:

    I don’t promote pistols as they have a high risk factor.

    Yes, the lead leg on an unstable surface is not TOO bad, but not recommended for building strength, typically reserved for improving ankle mobility and rehabbing an injury.

  3. Joe Hashey Says:

    Like it! (….extra words so my comment is long enough to be approved.)

  4. RiseAboveStrength Says:

    Thanks for the video, I like the foam trick. It is hard not to use the back leg. Sometimes I tell people to pull their toes up (dorsiflex) slightly at their rear leg, but the foam seems to work well.

  5. Jim Smith Says:

    Rise Above,

    Yes, in the first variation I talked about pulling the toe up too, I got this from Mike Hanley from

  6. Jon Says:

    Just wanted to say that you guys are doing an awesome job. As a previous personal traininer and physical therapist, it is nice to see someone educating on both mobility, strength, and rehabilitation. Too many times we just see the strength portion of the equation. Keep up the good work it is greatly appreciated!

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