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New Product Coming Soon: Grip Training for Track and Field Throwers

Grip Training for Track and Field Throwers

Last year, I met a great coach named Matt Ellis from Primal Athlete Training Center, at a seminar I attended. It was great meeting him.

We sat down for lunch one day between sessions at the workshop, and we started talking about a possible resource we could put out for track and field throwers to help them develop their hand strength in a way to both increase their performance AND to prevent injuries from taking place.

In the short video below, I talk about our project and what it covers for the throwing athletes of Track and Field.

The DVD Artwork features Adrian Wilson. Adrian is a highly respected strength athlete, as well as an Elite Track and Field Thrower, 3X Highland Games World Champion, and she became the first Woman Certified as Captain of Crush.

If you are thrower or are a coach that works with throwers, make sure to sign up for updates regarding this DVD. In it, we should dozens of way to strengthen and bullet-proof the hands. And don’t worry about having to take out a second mortgage on your house to buy all the equipment. Many of the drills we show involve using equipment you already have at your gym, or things you can easily make yourself.

Get ready for more coming soon.


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  1. Carlos Rodriguez Says:

    Hey Jedd nice vid, this is also similiar to the Heavy Events in Highland Games. The only difference is in T & F you use a 12 – 16 lb steel shot & in Highland Games we use a 16lb stone & 22lb stone. Keep em coming Jedd, great website you have here bro!!!

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