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New Halloween Grip Shirt

I am getting in a small inventory of new Halloween shirts tomorrow. They are all Black with White Ink and they will ship out on Monday. The phrase above will be on the back. And this will bee on the Front.

G.R.I.P. Shirts Just in Time for Halloween


PR’s are guaranteed in each shirt, just ask Josh McIntyre, who dominated the Two 45’s Pinch with his Old School Diesel Skull Shirt.

From Josh: “There’s power in these shirts I bought from you.”

Prepare for PR’s if you get these shirts…

Old School Diesel Skull

Old School Sizes

Legion of Grip Shirt


Diesel Skull Branded Shirt

Color / Size


Fat Gripz

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2 Responses to “New Halloween Grip Shirt”

  1. Art Barrios Says:

    I’m interested in your shirts, are they still stock? Thank you.

  2. Jedd Johnson Says:

    I could order you one. What size would you like?

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