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New Gripper DVD – CRUSH!

CRUSH – Coming REALLY Soon


My new DVD is set to come out very soon. It’s called, CRUSH! Total Gripper Domination.

I have been extremely excited about it for the last few weeks. Let me tell you a bit about it…

This whole thing started when I first began marketing the Vulcan V2 Gripper through David Horne’s World of Grip.

Many of the guys who were picking them up were interested in a short demonstration of how to modify the strength level of the Vulcan, so, eager to oblige, I shot something to cover how to move the spring and how to tell which level you were on.

Once I got rolling, I ended up covering a bunch of other points, so I re-worked the entire thing into a complete How to Train with the Vulcan video.

As I edited that
, I realized there was so much more training to do in order to improve performance on the Vulcan, that I needed to shoot that information as well.

So, essentially, this project kept growing and growing into the definitive resource for Gripper Training.

And now, I have amassed all the information anyone could possibly need in order to train with Grippers and develop a crushing grip.

And I know there are many of you out there who need help with Gripper Training.

From knowing what grippers to buy, to how to set them, to the number of reps to do, Gripper Training is the topic I am asked questions about most often, whether it is here on the site, through the newsletter, or on YouTube.

The fact is people love training with Grippers, and you can’t blame them, especially with the alluring Gripper certifications that are out there, like the Gripboard’s ever-growing Mash Monster Ladder and IronMind’s ever-evolving Captains of Crush list! It’s pretty damn cool to be part of an exclusive group.

I still remember driving to my witness’s location in order to get certified as a #3 closer, and when I mashed the handles of the Mash Monster 1 Gripper for several seconds was an even bigger day for me because my friends and training partners were there cheering me on.

Over the years, I have worked hard on grippers, since they are a key part of every grip contest. It’s important to get out of the gates on the right foot or else you’re battling back from behind right from the beginning.

And I also know there are hundreds of people who have their sites set on certification with the #3 Gripper, and many more who will try once they find out about it.

And even if certification and grip contests are not even near your radio, and you just want to use Grippers the right way to improve your grip strength for your job, your sport, or other reasons, this DVD will help you get there.

I want to help you all get there. That is why I have been working so hard on this Video the last two months.

Stay tuned, DIESELS. The wait will be over soon.

All the best in your training.


P.S. Want to avoid the Top 10 Gripper Training Mistakes? Sign up for the video here: Top 10 Gripper Training Mistakes

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  1. Bill Long Says:

    Sounds great Jedd, I remember getting my Vulcan 2 in when you sent it to me. I love it! How much will the DVD cost?

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