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New Grip Video – Michigan Contest

This is a video of the medley at the Michigan Grip Championship. All of the implements are labeled in the video, but just to highlight a couple: the first implement is the 172-lb Inch Replica Dumbbell. I was the only one to load the Inch to the top platform. I also cleaned and then loaded to the top platform a 50-lb Blob – this one is of the original design – a bit plumper and more difficult to lift. It also weighs in heavy at about 52.5 lbs.

The scoring system for the medley was 3 points for loading to the green platforms on top, 2 points for the hand and thigh lift and 3 points for the big spring. I was able to load everything on the top platform and lifted the hand & thigh implement so I maxed out on points.

I won 3 out of the 5 events, tied for first on the grippers, but got killed on the hammers. Despite 4 first-place finishes, I took only second overall in the comp! It just goes to show you how important it is to stay in the top 3 no matter what. My 17-lb hammer got me a tie for like 4th place with 3 or 4 competitors, so I lost a ton of points on that event.

Thanks to Bob Lipinski for organizing it and Jerri and Don Larkin for hosting it.


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2 Responses to “New Grip Video – Michigan Contest”

  1. Adam Glass Says:


    Jedd that is Outstanding display of grip strength. How many more world class grip feats can you get in to one event! Great video bro!

  2. hot girl Says:

    tried twice, couldn’t see the video but read article – – so I gave you a digg. i’ll come back to see if video running later.

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