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New DVD Coming Soon – Horse Shoe Bending


Quick announcement to make…I will soon have a new DVD coming out.

Mike Rinderle and I teamed up on an instructional DVD on Horseshoe Bending called Hammering Horseshoes.

As you may know, Mike won the Beast in the East competition in May, edging out Chad Rickicki by a slim margin. It all came down to the last event, horse shoes.

Mike put together a quick promo video last week and in it he goes over all of the information the DVD covers…

This DVD is sure to be the go-to resource for learning how to correctly and safely bend horse shoes, just like professional strongmen have done for years.

If this is something you want to learn how to do, then you should sign up for updates using the form below.
In addition to being the main mailing list I use to communicate the progress of this DVD, I will also use it for sending out tips of Feats of Strength from time to time, so make sure to sign up.

It was very fun teaming up with Mike on this DVD. He truly blew me away with his knowledge! He had the whole day mapped out in outline form and it was the easiest DVD I ever shot.

As a credit to Mike’s coaching abilities, I went from not even being able to get a horse shoe to 90 degrees to an hour later being able to nearly get it to the full legal bend!

You’re gonna love this DVD!

All the best in your training!


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5 Responses to “New DVD Coming Soon – Horse Shoe Bending”

  1. Mike Rinderle Says:

    This was so much fun to work on Jedd! I really think this is going to help a lot of people master what I think is the coolest strongman feat out there!

  2. Andy Thomas Says:

    I have $$ ready! I want one!!

  3. Jason Steeves Says:

    Will be purchasing for sure!

  4. Chad "Judoman" Rickicki Says:

    If you are a serious bender and want to be competitive you can be sure that horse shoes will be on the list of events. An excellent test of strength and what better guys to teach the different techniques! I will enjoy this one, and put it to use! Chad Rickicki: Benders Battlefield

  5. EJ Livesey Says:

    Me likey. I have dollars to spend. I’m stuck on the scf lite 3. Can’t even budge the bastard. I want this DVD.

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