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Stuff I Like:

  • The Prowler
  • The Water Bottle – in my Chaos Manual I talk about the need to land “softly”, to demonstrate the need to control deceleration.  The water bottle is a perfect visual representation of this.
  • Tire Grappling – I got into great detail of this exercise in my Combat Core manual and DVD.
  • Hill Running
  • Water Running / Recovery
  • Db Clean & Press
  • Sled Dragging
  • Rice Digs
  • Weighted Box Jumps

Stuff I Don’t Like:

  • Rice does not prevent sprains and jams as suggested, but it does improve the comprehensive grip strength strategies and decrease the time of recovery after an acute event.
  • Be careful with the yoga asanas that promote mobility of the lower lumbar.
  • One of the players was wearing his high tops for his training session.  TAKE THEM OFF!!!  Ankle mobility for basketball players is a prominent issue and must be included in their programs.

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