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Napalm’s Nightmare Grip Training Device

Napalm’s Nightmare is a sick freaking grip device I got made by my good friend, Chris Rice. The handles on this thing revolve and are about 2.5″ in thickness. This thing is no joke.

I modeled this device from something available from Sorinex called the Hungarian Core Blaster. When I first saw the HCB, I thought it was perfect except for one thing – THE HANDLE WAS TOO SMALL. That’s when I contacted Chris and he came up with a great design that works outstandingly.

This thing literally tries to rip your hand open when you swing it. My best is with 180 lbs attached to a loading pin for a total of 3 swings before it shot out of my left hand.

This year, one of my goals has been to bring up my thick bar strength, and this has been a staple in my workouts. It has also been great for working the posterior chain. Believe me – not only does your grip get fried after using this, but so do your glutes, erectors, lats, and delts.

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7 Responses to “Napalm’s Nightmare Grip Training Device”

  1. k Says:

    A little explanation as to how it was made would be nice.

  2. Chris Rice Says:

    I used it in my Gripmas Carol training for last year – It’s like Blob tossing I think – the heavy quick eccentric overload is the secret I think. Don’t forget if you take off the PVC sleeves, that you have a rotating 1.9″ handle as well inside that you can use heavier loads with.

  3. Goody Says:

    That thing is MONEY!

  4. Jedd Says:


    I do not have the expertise to cover how to make this piece of equipment. Chris Rice fabricated it for me and it is freakin’ great.

    I can tell you that parts of it were welded together and it is in part held together with the long bolt and nuts.

    Hope this helps.

  5. Diesel Performance Says:

    Nice! As with anything, innovation breeds success! Gone are the days where you were considered uber-strong just by hitting the gym. Today’s athletes and today’s workout equipment is taking it to a whole new level! Thanks for your post.

  6. Chris Rice Says:

    I hope the formatting isn’t too messed up – we’ll try it anyway. Chris

    How to make a “Napalm’s Nightmare”

    Materials List
    • 1 piece of 1 ½” Schedule 40 steel pipe – approximately 12” long
    • 1 Piece of 2” Schedule 40 steel pipe – approximately 1 ½” long – drill a small hole in this before assembly to oil it later. This spins much more freely than the PVC does and is very important.
    • 2 pieces of 2” Schedule 40 PVC pipe – approximately 4 ¾” long
    • 2 washers with 2” hole for the middle washers – make sure you have a loose fit between these and the 2” piece of pipe when you weld it up.
    • 2 washers with 1” hole – 2 5/8” approximately OD for the ends
    • 1 piece all thread rod with nuts and washers – approximately 13” long
    • 1 piece of bent 3/8” rod with ends bent off to the sides for welding to 2” steel pipe. Don’t just weld to the ends only – get some surface area to make it strong.
    • If you have very small or very large hands – adjust accordingly on the size

    The piece of 2” steel pipe spins freely in the center of the 1 ½” pipe between the washers giving you a 1.9” version of the Nightmare (call it Jedd’s Bad Dream maybe). If you slide on the PVC pieces and put on the washers that act as end caps with the all thread to hold it all together – you end up with a 2 3/8” full blown Napalms Nightmare. If you can’t take this list and the pictures and make one yourself, take it to your local welder or fab shop – I’m sure they can do it for you easily.

    Information – 1 ½” pipe has an OD of 1 7/8” – 2” pipe has an OD of 2 3/8”. This goes for steel and PVC. The 2” piece cannot be schedule 80 – it gets thicker to the inside and won’t go over the smaller pipe. I did not give precise measurements for a reason – different hand sizes may want a little different sizing. I made Jedd’s a little bigger than mine – you may vary yours as well – if you make it too long, it won’t go between your legs easily – too small and your hands won’t fit. It’s super easy to make up – it takes a little time and effort but it’s well worth it. When Jedd told me what he wanted – it didn’t seem like it would be too hard. Mostly it was just a matter of figuring it out – making it was straight forward.

  7. aptdwler Says:

    I made a clone of this device. I’m excited to give it a hard try, as I just did a quick test run. It’s a non-workout day.

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