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Napalm Pinch DVD – How to Train the Two Hands Pinch


I just released a brand new DVD today, called Napalm Pinch: How to Dominate the Two Hands Pinch.

This DVD is comprised of all my best information for training on and excelling at the Two Hands Pinch.

From understanding the proper technique, proper hand preparation, correct tension production, and more of the subtleties that are too often skipped over, this DVD will take your training up a notch, without having to put in more effort.

How is that possible you might ask?


It’s not about putting in endless hours in the gym doing all kinds of volume and a hundred different drills.

It’s about doing the handful of drills that actually work.

In short, this DVD will help you train SMARTER in order to bring up your lifts.

On top of all that, I’ve got some pretty cool BONUSES that I am offering this week ONLY.

Check out the announcement in the video below to find out about these cool bonuses.

You can pick it up here: Napalm Pinch DVD.

Don’t forget the cool bonuses:

  • Free Coaching Call
  • DVD Package Contest

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