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Napalm Jedd vs The Iron Tamer

In the video below, I mentioned that I got the chance to finally meet David Whitley at the Fast Track seminar in New Jersey last weekend.

I never knew that Dave was actually a pro wrestler on the Indy circuit back in the day and we shot the sh*t about that for a while. I learned a bunch of stuff about the wrestling business and how the moves are choreographed. If you were there, you probably saw us doing some collar and elbow tie-ups and some Irish whips. That was cool.

David’s specialty is kettle bells and he is a Senior RKC, but he also does some nail bending and card tearing. Here’s a little video we shot out in the hallway where we bent a 60D nail using a technique that you probably haven’t seen before.

Check it out.

Believe me, it ain’t all fake, brother. My ribs, collar bone, spine and sternum all adjusted on that elbow drop…

I put him over strong this time, but next time it’s gonna be a different story.


P.S. You check out the Nail Bending eBook by clicking the image in the side panel or by just clicking here.

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2 Responses to “Napalm Jedd vs The Iron Tamer”

  1. Chris Rice Says:

    There’s 4 darn impressive forearms there boys!

  2. Jedd Says:

    Hey there Chris. Thanks for stopping by.

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