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It's that time of year when you want to get in better shape, right?

You want to burn off that body fat.

You want to put on a little extra muscle.

Well, now's the time to make it happen.

THIS is YOUR Year!

And now, Napalm Fat Burning is gonna help you do it.

What is Napalm Fat Burning?

Let me share with you the God's honest truth of how Napalm Fat Burning came to be.

Even though some of this is incredibly embarrassing, it's 100% fact.

And if it helps you get into the shape you want to be, then sharing this story with you is completely worth it...

From 2010 to 2013, I gradually let myself slide further and further down a spiral of worsening health and physical condition.

While I would rarely miss a workout and I always hit the gym like a warrior going to battle, at the same time I was also getting fatter, and fatter, and fatter.

It's funny...when you start putting on weight, you don't always realize it right away.

Even though your face gets pudgier and pudgier, you can't always see it, even though your staring right at yourself when you look in the mirror.

And even though every day you pack a little extra weight on your belly, you don't seem to notice.

The fat gets deposited in such little amounts that you can't pick up on it.

That's the way it was for me.

I was indulging too much, eating too much pizza, chinese, and snacks.

I was sitting around too much, working in my office on my computer-based business.

And little by little, I was turning myself into a big fat guy with a gut and a giant spare tire around my mid-section.

I had become a walking contradiction of what I was "supposed" to be.

It's funny how you trick yourself into thinking that when the scale keeps going up, it's because you're putting on muscle, even though your shirt is getting just as tight around the gut as it is on your arms and shoulders.

And then, one day, I had just finished hitting a monster upper body session when my daughter asked me to juggle some golf balls for her.

I had just taught myself some basic juggling, so I asked my wife to video tape it.

And since I had just finished that crazy workout, I figured I'd take my shirt off to see how big I looked while I juggled.

And when I got the camera back and watched myself juggling, I can't even put into words the shame that I felt.

The camera was at just the right angle where I could see how far my gut was sticking out over my sweat pants, and how big my love handles had gotten.

I can't even find the footage of my juggling anymore. I don't ever want to see it again, to be honest. The image above is right around that time though.

Completely embarrassed by what I had become, I went back down to the gym and weighed myself.

I stripped down to just my underwear in my cold garage gym and stepped on the scale, and to my astonishment, I was a sickening 279lbs.

This was the first time I had weighed myself in I don't know how long.

How did I let myself get so out of control?

Ashamed, I put all my clothes back on, went back upstairs, and took a shower.

I had become my own worst enemy, and it was that night, that I told my wife...

"I can't do this anymore. Tomorrow, I eat better. That's all there is to it."

And I did just that. Starting the next day with breakfast, I began cleaning my diet up.

Within days, I began feeling better due to the better food choices, although I still looked very bad in the mirror.

I knew I just had to keep moving forward, day by day, and I would accomplish my goal.

I began taking a hard look at my workouts, too.

Instead of focusing almost entirely on strength, I started adding in muscle building work again.

Instead of having all these long, drawn-out, ridiculous rest periods, I began pairing exercises together, so I would burn more overall calories during my workouts.

And, instead of just going upstairs once the training session was done, I began doing cardio again.

That was March of 2013. And by June of 2013, I had lost 25lbs, competing at 254lbs and winning my weight class at the 2013 North American Grip Championship.

Down 25lbs, but still sporting too thick of a wasitline.

By now, I had gotten a nutritional coach, Joe Carabase, and my progress did nothing but get faster. In fact, I owe him so much for the help he has given me.

One of the biggest things I learned from Joe was just how much fat you can burn by including short, 5-minute bursts of high-intensity cardio into your day.

Once I began starting my day off with these 5-minute Cardio Blasts and throwing a few in per week here and there, the fat started falling off even faster.

There was no stopping me.

I kept my diet in place, I kept training hard, and stayed focus on getting a little bit better every single day.

A year later, I won the 2014 North Americn Grip Championship, competing at 228lbs.

After 15 months I had managed to not only drop 50lbs of that ugly fat that made me sick to my stomach every time I saw an old video or picture of myself...

...but I successfully kept it off, all while maintaining and even gaining strength, both in regular gym lifts and in my Grip Sport competition lifts.

Down 50lbs.

I'm not telling you this because I want to brag.

The reason is because I want to help you make the same changes in your life that I have made, so you can experience the same victories I have as well.

When you make the simple changes I show you in Napalm Fat Burning, you won't believe how awesome you feel, how much better your workouts are, and the sense of accomplishment that you experience.

Everything is laid out for you so you can experience the same things I have.

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Grab It Today: $47 Just $17

What's Included in Napalm Fat Burning?

Napalm Fat Burning is a complete month-long training program, designed to help you start burning fat, start building muscle and start feeling awesome.

Here's what's in the program...

1) A Month Full of Strength and Muscle Building Workouts

Each week consists of 4 workouts: an Upper Body Push Day, a Lower Body Day, an Upper Body Pull Day, and a Yoke and Arms Day.

This is my current training split that I have been using for the better part of 2 years now, and it has helped me become the strongest I have been since 2007.

This split has proven to be the perfect blend for improving strength and power, with an added hint of bodybuilding thrown in for a better fat burning demand.

Each workout begins with a main Strength or Power move in order to get the muscle and strength gains started.

After that, the workout features exercise pairings designed to keep moving big weights, while also jump-starting the fat burning process.

Pairing exercises up like this keeps you moving and elevates your metabolism, and calories start going up in flames.

2) Post Workout Challenge Finishers

Once the main weight training is done, it's time to put an exclamation point on the end of the workout with a Challenge Finisher.

Every training day, you'll perform a short yet intense Finisher.

You'll face each challenge head on and conquer each one of them.

And when you're done, you'll feel an intense sense of accomplishment, because with every workout you'll be getting stronger, leaner and feeling better.

Most of these Challenge Finishers are only gonna take you about 5 minutes.

FORGET REGULAR CARDIO! You don't have to tack another 20 to 60 minutes onto the time you spend at the gym anymore!

Once you complete the daily Challenge Finisher, your body fat stores aren't even gonna have a CHANCE!

3) Morning Cardio Blasts

This is where you REALLY start seeing a difference in your body fat.

Forget about getting on a bike or treadmill for 30 minutes or more. That is a complete waste of your time.

All you need is 5 MINUTES of INTENSE ACTION.

That's it! Just 5 Minutes...

You don't even need any equipment, because all of the Morning Cardio is bodyweight based and you can do it right on the floor of your bedroom before you hit the shower.

When you do these morning bursts of cardio, it's gonna be the best wake-up call you ever had.

You're gonna be wide awake and on your toes all day long and ready to take on the world.

Plus, the way I've got these Morning Quick Cardio sessions set up, you'll literally be burning calories like an industrial incinerator ALL DAY LONG.

The reason is because these workouts make use of what's commonly referred to as the EPOC (the Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption).

This is the "AFTER-BURN" effect that takes place after intense exercise.

And these quick cardio sessions will make it seem like the "After-Burn" is on steroids.

You see, when you truly challenge your body with demanding, high-intensity exercise, it takes your body hours and hours, sometimes even half a day or more, to get back to a state of normalcy.

All this time, your body is burning calories, both in the form of fat stores on your body, and the food you put into your mouth and have to digest.

When you combine these 3 components to your sensible dietary changes, you can't help but be successful in your fitness goals.

And I even cover the changes I made in my eating that accelerated my fat burning results.

In short, you can't go wrong with Napalm Fat Burning.

It's gonna be the most fun you've had training in a long time, and the whole time you're gonna see fat being stripped off your body.

And all you need to do is click the button below...

Grab It Today: $47 Just $17

And Remember. THIS is YOUR Year.

All the best in your training,

Jedd Johnson