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Nail Bending eBook Testimonial

I was very excited to get an email containing this feedback this evening from Michael Sheehan, who recently purchased the Diesel Nail Bending eBook.

    “My name is Michael Sheehan and I am just emailing you to let you know how happy I am that I bought your Bending eBook. Diesel Crew does not mess around. You guys are the best and should be proud of the work you do. I have been studying the Bending eBook and have already taken my strength to limits I thought I would never have reached without your help. My goal is to close the IronMind Red Nail and you have given me the blueprint. Your product is top notch Jedd and thanks for all your other training info on the Diesel Crew and Straight to the Bar web sites. You’ve got a customer for life. Thanks again, Jedd.”

Find out what Michael’s talking about! Feel the rush first time you bend the 60 penny nail or the Grade 5 bolt! Feel the electricity of melting steel in your hands! Get started bending today with the Nail Bending eBook.


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