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Nail Bending DVD Update

The clock is ticking down and the Nail Bending DVD will be available in just a matter of days.

I’ve sent the master into the printing company. These guys are great and save me so much time I can’t even put it into words. They get the disks to you guys within a matter of days and I have never had a complaint from anyone about their service.

I’ve got all of the artwork ready for the disk. I think this is without a doubt the best artwork I have had made for any DVD I have put out. I work with Rory, from Stronger Designs and he is a blast. He never complains about how nit-picky I am and seems to virtually read my mind when I describe a new design to him. When you don’t have the patience or skills to mess with Photoshop, Rory is the guy to go to in order to get something designed, in my opinion.

Next, I am working on getting a software system in place to take orders. I guess in the internet world, this is called a “Shopping Cart.” Who knows? I’m much more comfortable busting my ass in the gym trying to pick stuff up than working with new software, so I have a dude that is going to work with me on this one too. I believe this step will help me serve all of you better by more easily processing payments.

I know lots of you are chomping at the bit to get your hands on this DVD so you can learn how to bend nails and other stock the right way. Nail bending is, after all, one of the coolest feats of strength there is!

Action Item for YOU! If you want to be notified of when this Game Breaking DVD comes out, sign up for my Bending Newsletter. People on this list will get a special price the first day the DVD goes on sale.

IMPORTANT: This will also serve as one of my primary newsletters going forward, so make sure to sign up so you don’t miss out on anything down the line, because I’ve got tons of stuff in the works…

So, go here to be notified of coming developments = > Nail Bending with Napalm.

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  1. brent Says:

    really looking forward to it.

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