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My New Garage Gym

I have been extremely busy working on my new garage gym!

In November, we hired a contractor to start an addition on our house. It’s all finished now, except for the gym.

With the contractor pulling up stakes, it’s become time for me to take over.

I have been a working fool for the last 3 weekends, but the hard work is paying off! One weekend, Eli even came down and helped me for several hours to work on it! Thanks man!

I took some video clips of how it is all progressing, and the first video is ready.

Check it out!

Look for much more to come. This place is going to be awesome and I am going to be putting out LOTS MORE VIDEOS!


Check out and start RIPPING STUFF UP!

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5 Responses to “My New Garage Gym”

  1. Joe Says:

    Bob Vila has nothing on Jedd Johnson.

    Can’t wait to see it when you get your stuff in there!

  2. Rick Walker Says:

    Looks great Jedd! April is a bad month for me, lots going on, but if you still ned help come May and beyond, give me a holler. I will be glad to come help out, as long as we have plenty of ice cold beer!!

    Gonna be an awesome gym bro!


  3. Christian Says:

    take a bucket of warm water out there and apply it to the area your scraping off will make it easier. Nice are to work out in should be awesome.

  4. Josh Dale Says:

    Looking forward to seeing the finished product!

  5. Bill Long Says:

    Awesome project

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