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My Most Important Anniversary

Hope things are going well.

Monday, May 5th, was a big day for me.

It marked my most important anniversary.

Hard to believe 6 years ago yesterday, my wife and I went to Chapel Hill, NC to get a tubal reversal so we could start trying to have a child.

JayCee is now 4.

So if you do the math, you’ll notice the pregnancy didn’t happen right away, despite my best efforts ;).

In fact, it was a long time between when we were allowed to start trying and when we finally got pregnant.

You know, I chuckle sometimes when I hear new trainees talking about how long it is taking for them to reach their goals.

“Oh, I have been training for so long, and I’m still not as big as I want to be…”


“When will I finally be able to lift this or be able to do that…it’s taking so long to see results.”

Then I think back to the nights laying in bed wondering if I was ever going to be lucky enough to be a father.

Man, I lost a lot of sleep during that time.

(Little did I know I was going lose even more once JayCee got here – ha ha ha.)

So anyway, yesterday was a special day for us, and I sent my wife a dozen roses, with a card that said:

    “Happy Anniversary. Thank you for giving me the best gift I could ever receive.”

The waiting was long, but looking back, I think it was a good thing, because I wasn’t ready to be a dad during that time anyway.

The waiting gave me time to grow up.

It gave me time to get stronger.

It gave me time to make sure the situation JayCee would be coming into was better prepared for her.

And that is pretty much what I tell people who get impatient about a lack of results.

Just like how I was still too much of an immature kid, who was in no shape or form ready to be a Dad, I tell them, maybe they just aren’t where they need to be in their training.

Maybe they aren’t disciplined enough.

Maybe they aren’t willing to pay the price they need to reach the levels they want.

Maybe, they just plain aren’t strong enough.

I’ll tell ya what, any time your training isn’t going the way you want it to, there’s nothing wrong with just focusing on GETTING STRONGER.

Putting more weight on the bar.

Doing the same weight for more reps.

Getting better this workout, than you were in the last one.

If you approach your training like that, then your goals will come sooner.

And when they do, you will enjoy them that much more.

And believe me, you will enjoy each goal you hit, .

Here’s to always getting stronger!

All the best in your training,


P.S. In my efforts to help you get stronger, I have added a store to the website, and will be selling my own strength training gear.

The first item we are putting up is the Pinch Block Curl. <= Check it out, they are in stock starting this week.

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