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Rest Pause Training – Step-ups and Rows


Building serious muscle doesn’t have to take hours and hour and tons of volume each workout.
You have to check this out!
Recently at the gym we hit some more rest-pause training (check out my previous post about fast bodybuilding workouts).  I wanted to show you how we do it real time. We hit high box steps and rows with towels. I cried a little on the inside after each set. Damn I’m weak.

Needless to say during the movements I wanted to throw up and stop more than once.


Unfortunately, you have to pay the price to shorten the time in the gym AND get the benefits.

It all comes at the cost of your own sanity and it is a matter of increasing the intensity.

Muscle Building – Increasing the Intensity

How do you increase the intensity of a workout?

  • Increase the load (weight)
  • Modify the type of exercise (compound vs. isolation)
  • Increase the speed of movement (dynamic, CAT, explosive, ballistic, speed-strength)
  • Decrease the rest periods
  • Increase the volume (sets x reps)
  • Increase the range of motion (ROM)

If you modify ANY of these variables, the intensity of the workout will increase.




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7 Responses to “Rest Pause Training – Step-ups and Rows”

  1. Guy Jones Says:

    I bet the endorphin rush post training made up for abject misery. I love/hate to train like this myself, pulled 400 in the deadlift for 15 reps with 3 rest pauses of 10 secs last night and finished off with 100reps of barbell triceps extensions in the fastest time. The aim is to be able to complete 100reps without stopping and then to add weight to the bar. Doing the same with biceps curls and barbell shoulder press as finishers.

    Keep it up brother us oldies have still gotta be goodies.


  2. Jerry Shreck Says:


    Get intensity brother!!

  3. Mike Rinderle Says:

    Damn you Smitty. Now I’m going to have to give these a try tonight. Strong stuff brother!

  4. Jim Smith Says:

    Pain time

  5. Jim Smith Says:

    Thanks Jerry!

  6. Jim Smith Says:

    Definitely, thanks for checking it out Guy!

  7. Matt "Wiggy" Wiggins Says:

    Great stuff, as usual Smitty!

    I like the step-ups being done 1 rep left, 1 rep right. It makes the workout so much harder that way. I like to do DB C&P, DB Snatches, and the like that way as well!


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