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Two Killer Rest Pause Workouts



The last two workouts we decided to get crazy and kick up the intensity.  If you want to building muscle you have to work hard and be consistent.  The problem is, sometimes you don’t have a lot of time to workout.  Kids, family, work, community service takes a lot of your time.

Get these killer workouts NOW!

Well the other day we didn’t have much time to workout and really wanted to get crazy.

Simple solution = Rest Pause

Rest Pause Training

Rest pause training is a style of training for FAST workouts where you limit the rest period between sets of an exercise.  You take a weight that you can perform 8-10 good reps and use this weight for all of your sets with that exercise.

By limiting the rest between sets you never fully recover (metabolically or neurologically) before your next attempt.  A high lactic acid environment is created and when this happens natural growth hormone is released.  Boom you get big muscle growth.


This training is not for the BS trainee.  It takes a TON of intensity and you have to be mentally tough.  But the rewards are HUGE.

Also, rest pause training is very neurologically taxing, ie.  it will mess you up.  Make sure during your downtime you are recovering and preparing for the next workout.

Now you have NO more excuses for skipping a workout because Rest Pause workouts take very little time!  Your workout will be cut literally in half.

How to Rest Pause

Rest Period:  10-25 seconds

Load:  8-10 RM

Hit the first set for 8 reps, wait 10-25 seconds, pick up the same weight and hit is again for as many reps as possible.  Wait 10-25 seconds, go again.  Repeat this for 4-5 attempts.

Count up the total reps you did and have your partner try to beat it.  Or, you try to beat the reps next time you repeat the workout.

Two Killer Rest Pause Workouts

Workout 1:

1) 3-5 RM Log Clean & Press (or barbell military press or bench press)
2) Elite Giant EZ Curl Bar JM Press, Rest Pause
3) Elite Swiss Bar Power Front Raises, Rest Pause
4) Seated Rows with Towels, Rest Pause
5) Elite Swiss Bar Curls, Rest Pause

Workout 2:

1)  Power Snatches with Axle, 6×3 (or use regular barbell, or db snatches)
2)  Deadlifts, 5×5
3)  Seated Axle Military Press, Rest Pause
4)  T-bar Rows with Towels, Rest Pause
5)  Back Extensions, 3×10
6)  Tricep Press downs with towel, 4×10

PS.  Want more rest pause training, you have to check out Accelerated Fat Loss Strategies.  It is just one component in the complete AMD muscle building system.  This system is real and gets real results!

PPS.  Stay tuned, I am opening up my online training for the first 20 individuals.  Once I pick the 20 people ready to change their lives and get in the best shape of their lives, I am closing the membership.

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23 Responses to “Two Killer Rest Pause Workouts”

  1. Josh Hewett Says:

    Hey Smitty,
    Nice workout… I like to use rest-pause in my programs as well, but haven’t gone this hard-core with it. This workout will kick people’s asses!

    Here’s a great time saving routine I’ve had success with myself:

    Workout One:

    •Wamup squats set
    •Back Squats 1X20 (rest-pause)
    •Jump squats 1X10
    •Pushups Variation (stop just short of fatigue)
    3 supersets with:
    •Inverted Rows (stop just short of fatigue)

    Workout Two:

    •Wamup deadlift set
    •Deadlifts 1X20 (rest-pause)
    •Barbell High Pulls 1X10
    •Parallel Dips (stop just short of fatigue)
    3 supersets with:
    •Chinups / Pullups (stop just short of fatigue)

    That’s it… short and sweet, but you WILL feel it. Borrowed the 20 Rep Squats from “Super Squats”. The high rep squats and deads really jack the GH as you mentioned!

    Let me know what you think.

  2. Jim Smith Says:

    Nice Josh! Those are two killer sessions!

  3. Chris Warden Says:

    Looks like a couple killer workouts… cant wait to insert into AMD!!

  4. Jim Smith Says:

    Hey, that’s a great idea Chris! 🙂 Thanks for the comment!

  5. dixon Says:

    excellent jim.your combat core i purchased recently is an excellent one for any sportsman!

  6. Coach mike Says:

    2 moves. A press and a pull. Turkish get ups=the press. Pull ups=the pull. Do them as heavy as you can, reps low(3tops)! So it is 3l&R tgu and 3weighted pull ups(dead hang palms away)= 1 round with 30sec rest. Total K.I.S.S! All multi joint!

  7. Gary Says:

    Workout 1

    A) snatch-grip deadlifts 6 x 4 reps

    B1) Standing OH Press 2-3 x 6-8 reps followed by push press with same weight for AMRAP

    B2) pull-ups 2-3 x 6-8 reps followed by chin-ups or neutral-grip pull-ups for AMRAP

    C1) GHR’s 3 x 8-10 reps

    C2) “landmines”: anti-rotation/rotary stability version

    Workout 2

    A) Front squats 6 x 4 reps

    B1) chest-supported rows 4 x 6 with 5-second iso-hold at top of each rep

    B2) high-incline DB press 2-3 x 6-8 reps, low incline AMRAP, flat bench AMRAP

    C1) Pull-throughs 3 x 8-10 reps

    C2) reverse cable wood chop 3 x 8-10

  8. tnthudson Says:

    Wow that’s some thorough stuff. AMD is an awesome way to squeeze alot into a small time with the Primary and then two Secondary sets that jump between two exercises. I’ve also learned through AMD how important warm-up and recovery is.
    Before I got into AMD, I was doing a similar thing to these rest-pauses with Kettlebells…
    i.e. Get-ups for 5 minutes
    then KB swings for 5 minutes
    repeat for sets depending on conditioning/goals
    KB clean & press for 5 minutes
    KB swing, catch and then squat (all one motion)
    repeat for sets depending on conditioning/goals
    These are just two examples but you get the idea.
    KB’s will kick your butt, no doubt! I just felt that AMD would help me ‘sculpt’ better and also be a completely different program that could really mix things up.

  9. Jim Smith Says:

    Thanks Dixon for your great support!

  10. Jim Smith Says:

    Nice Coach Mike!

  11. Jim Smith Says:

    Awesome Gary!

  12. Jim Smith Says:

    Great feedback, I really appreciate it.

    At I am going to really be putting a ton of content in for mobility and warm-up. It is that important!

  13. Dave Says:

    Very interested in the opportunity for your online training. I am ready to enhance my life.

  14. Jim Smith Says:

    Dave, sent you an email.

  15. Jack Says:

    Here you go:

    DAY 1 DAY 2

    Deadlift Squat
    Chin up/Pull up(rotate) Clean and Press
    Bench Press Push Up
    Good Morning Bent Row
    Military Press Dips

    Weight, reps, and sets change every 4 weeks. Weeks 1-4 are heavy weight, low reps and sets done 2 days per week. Rest periods are 3 min. between sets. Weeks 5-8 are moderate weight, reps and sets done 3 days per week. Rest periods are 2 minutes between sets. Weeks 9-12 are light weights, high reps and sets done 3 days per week. Rest periods are 1 minute between sets.

  16. Jack Says:

    My post above didn’t space properly so I’ll repeat some of it.

    Day 1

    Chin up/Pull up(rotate)
    Bench Press
    Good Morning
    Military Press


    Clean and Press
    Push up
    Bent Row

    One additional comment–weight can be increased as needed or rest periods can be reduced instead.

  17. Adam Hamilton Says:

    My most intense workout, which also so happens to be a time saving workout. Was one day I just said screw it and did the clean and press loaded up to body weight and did as many reps as I could in 30 minutes. The day after I could barely move. It was great!! P.S Keep up the awesome work.

  18. Josh Hewett Says:

    Hey Adam… I like the sound of that! Think I might be crazy enough to try it soon.

  19. Peter Says:

    Those workouts look extremely intense. I’ve only ever done two variations of rest-pause.

    I’ve done them with bodyweight exercises, like rest-pause towel pullups and pushups. Just max reps, then rest 10-15 seconds, go max again, and repeat until I can’t get a rep. Great way to bang out a hard workout in a short time. You don’t feel like you’ve shortchanged yourself, because you literally couldn’t do more. I couldn’t work myself up to doing these too often, though, because I’d be wrecked when I finished and the day after too. I chose those two because I could do them outside my apartment door, with the towel over the I-beams of the staircase and the pushups on the pavement.

    I’ve also done another variation. I’d pick a pair of exercises like dumbbell rows and dumbbell bench, and set a goal total of reps (usually 75) and sets (usually 3). I’d do nearly max reps, and then rest for 1 second for each rep I made. If I got 30 reps, I get 30 seconds rest. Only 10? Rest for 10 seconds. When the rest ends, go again and again until I hit my goal total. The rests get shorter as the reps you can crank out get fewer and fewer. Then go and do the antagonist of the pair after a short rest (1-2 minutes is all you want). If I could get my goal reps in my goal sets or less, I’d go up in weight the next workout. I found this worked really well for building up my strength-endurance in a short time. Not exactly the same approach as rest-pause, but I think the intention is pretty much the same.

  20. Dave Hedges Says:

    Smitty thats a new spin on rest pause!

    Only ever done it with deadlifts, but I suppose the Kettlebell Sports drills kinda fall into the catergory.

    With the deadlifts i would lift every 5 days alternating between 5×5 and rest pause. Rest pause would consist of 5 ascending sets of reps. Then drop some of the weight and knock out 20 rest pause deads.
    Hurt, but by the end I was jacked!
    Will return to that in a while, different goals right now…

  21. Jim Smith Says:

    Workout sounds brutal Dave!

  22. JOEY Says:


  23. Matt "Wiggy" Wiggins Says:

    Hey Smitty – how long have you found that you can do that many sets (4-5 attempts) of Rest-Pause in your workouts? I’d think that many done in that fashion would fry the CNS pretty quick… And if this is covered in AMD, then just tell me to shut up and buy it – LOL!

    Great stuff!


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