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Muscle Building Video – Core Strength / Leg Strength


Muscle Building / Strength Training Exercises

Core Training / Leg Training

Here are two videos from recent workouts.  One shows a cool rotational core training exercise that no only improves rotational and decelerative core strength but it also incorporates the upper body.

The next video shows front squats, a staple in all good strength training programs (as long as there are no existing shoulder / wrist issues).  Don’t forget if there are issues with the conventional front squat racked position you could; use a different bar, use a cross armed / bodybuilding rack or even use lifting straps tied around the barbell.

The thing you have to remember is that when you choose the right exercises in your program and you do them consistently, you get results fast.  Real fast.

Exercises like:

Front Squats

Benefits of Front Squats

Rotational Halos

Benefits of Rotational Halos

  • upper back mobility
  • decelerative (anti-rotation) abilities
  • rotational abilities
  • power creation for athletes

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7 Responses to “Muscle Building Video – Core Strength / Leg Strength”

  1. Mark Says:

    Hey Smitty, looks like a great abdominal exercise I’l give that a try today. Also Brad’s front squat is sick, brutally strong! How many kg’s is he liftinbg there?

  2. Bill Jones Says:

    Really like that Halo move. Gonna try it tomorrow. We did a day recently that used plates for a lot of core stuff. If you are interested:

    By the way…the youngest person in the video is 45. Oldest is 52.

  3. tnthudson Says:

    I never had done these until I got AMD, but I’ve been doing them too slow and not enough crossover at the end. Thanks for illustrating it, I get it now. Nice!
    Hey, just an idea — Any other ‘less common’ AMD or ACS (or even the Core manual) exercises (like X-Band Walks, Gorilla Ups, Swings, etc.) that you want to put up would be great! The AMD manual explains them pretty darn well, but video is awesome for illustrating the full range. Thanks again for AMD!

  4. Jim Smith Says:

    Definitely, tnthudson, thanks for the suggestion!

  5. Jim Smith Says:

    I believe it is 160kg / 353lbs

  6. Rob Says:


    With the Rotational Halos, where do the power creation and rotational abilities come from? The major emphasis seems to be on having to decelerate the weight as you chop down and across (and deceleration was clearly stated as one of the benefits). Is the benefit to power creation from this exercise gained indirectly through the enhanced ability to decelerate coupled with enhanced mobility, or is there something else obvious that I am missing?

  7. Bill Jones, CSCS, MS, PT Says:

    Added the Halos to our workout yesterday. A lot of people didn’t “like them” which for us means it’s a keeper!!!

    Thanks for the great info!

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