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Muscle Building Strength Training Exercises


Check out Larry Scott, former two-time Mr. Olympia and renowned bodybuilder, doing plate pinchs.

Two Muscle Building, Strength Training Exercises

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This is a twist to conventional plate pinchs.  If you’ve been on Diesel for a while you know that grip strength is a HUGE part of athletic development.   Unfortunately, it is often overlooked.

Many trainers incorporate plate pinch, holding two Olympic plates together smooth side out, into their training.  Well, here is a new exercise.

You will perform a 2 handed plate pinch and walk your hands around the perimeter of the plates.  This is dynamic pinch strength.  Dynamic pinch is a progression to static pinch and will definitely amp up the intensity.

See how many revolutions you can get and once you can walk your hands anymore, hold the plates statically for time.

Athletic Tip #1 – Have your athletes carry a few rubberbands with them at all times.  During class, doing homework or anytime they’re watching tv they can hit finger extensions.  These go a long way to aid and speed recovery.

Squat / Good Morning Combination

For lower body day, this exercise combination is perfect.  You will combine and alternate a squat with a good morning movement.  Warming up the hips, knees and back the squat / good morning combination should NOT be a maximal effort exercise but rather a general means used to prepare for the primary movements.

Now remember, once you “modify” an exercise the work capacity increases.  This movement becomes very metabolic and will get your heart rate going very fast.

The barbell can be substituted with a sandbag or kettlebells.  The implement is not important, the movement and tension are.  Stay tight with your bracing and keep the form good.




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2 Responses to “Muscle Building Strength Training Exercises”

  1. Mike T Nelson Says:

    Nice grip video Smitty! Grip strength is huge!

    Another fun one is plate flips. Hold a plate in front and use 1 or 2 hands to flip it and catch (pinch grip style) the other side. Watch your toes if you miss though!

    Rock on
    Mike T Nelson PhD(c)

  2. Matt "Wiggy" Wiggins Says:

    Dude – that’s pretty cool!

    When I saw ‘around the worlds’, I was expecting another “halo” variant. Awesome surprise!


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