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Rows to Help Posture?

Rows to Help Posture?

Here is a weird trick I use to help my athletes with their posture.  Hip mobility, pelvic tilt, glute activation all play a role in maintaining a neutral posture.

A neutral posture ensures good movement and bad posture means that there is a potential for:

  • the pelvis is out of alignment
  • the hamstrings to be on tension
  • the abdominals to be on tension
  • the glutes to be shut down
  • knee pain to be present
  • lower back pain to be present
  • hip pain to be present

In this video I will show you workout efficiency, ie.  killing two birds with one stone.  When working with athletes you know that their time is important.  You have to get the most impact in the shortest amount of time.  With fitness enthusiasts, it is no different.  They have jobs, kids, stress, long commutes, etc.


When picking exercises, we need to focus on basic compound movements and other supplemental exercises that will bring it all together.

In this article you’ll learn a cool new way to activate the glutes.  Activating the glutes goes a LONG way in restoring neutral pelvic alignment and better posture.  In our sedentary, “sit down all day” world, our glutes become inhibited and dormant (and hip flexors become shortened).  We must activate the glutes and improve hip mobility in the short time we spend in the gym or during the short, intense athletic training workouts we provide for our athletes.

You will not only activate the glutes, you will be strengthening the posterior chain, including the upper back and shoulders.  This is exactly how your body acts.  Muscle actions that happen at the hip directly affect (and coordinate with) the actions of the opposite shoulder and vice versa.  For example, when running, when the right shoulder is extended, so is the left hip.  This is also called the serape effect.

Weighted Dips

Great for pressing power, triceps and chest development, weighted dips are a great supplemental exercise.  If you have any shoulder issues, I would recommend NOT doing dips and substituting any of the many alternatives; close grip bench, push-ups, floor press, alternating db press,ect.

Locked (Glute Activating) Inverted Rows

Locking the athletes legs onto a partner while doing inverted rows will activate the hip adductors, glutes, hamstrings, erectors and core.

Remember:  Activating the glutes and improving your hip mobility will help to alleviate knee, hip and lower back pain!

And this is a simple way to do it!

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  1. Joe Hashey Says:

    I like it! Keep the awesome innovations rolling.


  2. Ron Says:

    I really like that locked inverted row! Keep ’em coming!

    Thanks for this one!

  3. Nathan Says:

    For those of us without training partners, would locking the feet around a stool or a bench work?

  4. Innovative Glute Activation – Get Stronger and Fix Your Posture :: Diesel Strength & Conditioning | Innovative Strength Training for Athletes Says:

    […] Cool Rows to Help Posture… […]

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