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Most Popular Videos of 2011 – Part 2

Thanks for the feedback on Part I of 2011’s Most Popular Videos. As promised, here are the rest of them, number 5 through number 1.

If you missed Part I, click here: Best YouTube Videos – 2011

#5 – How to Set a Gripper

Regardless of the actual set depth that you use when training on grippers, the set-up is the same. I show this in the video below. The way you position the gripper in your hand and how you have your thumb in relationship to the rest of your hand makes a HUGE difference in your performance. This video has been called the best setting demonstration on-line.

If you want to close BIG GRIPPERS, you gotta check out my DVD: CRUSH: Total Gripper Domination

#4 – Build Upper and Lower Body Strength at the Same Time – Killer Goblet Squats

Every so often I like to really challenge myself to do something which has most likely never been done. Such was the case with this video. Instead of goblet squats with a puny 24-kg kettlebell or a normal dimensioned dumbbell, I used the monstrous, globe-headed Inch Dumbbell which weighs in at 172-bs, and I got it for a set of 10. Looking back, I do wish I would have gone a touch deeper on many of the reps, but my stupid wind pants were hindering me.

Incidentally, I do train with Kettlebells and have a few Kettlebell videos as well.

#3 – Big Bicep Exercise – Crazy Bicep and Forearm Pumps

This one made a climb to the top of this year’s videos very quickly, as I just posted it in December. It has also gotten a lot of good feedback because this exercise is completely BAD ASS. You gotta try this piece.

#2 – Pinch Grip Training: Inverted Dumbbell Deadlift

People are loving the simple grip training exercises. This one gives you all the benefits of standard Block Weight training without having to cut up dumbbells or go on a hunt for a wild goose / unicorn implement. Work this type of lift regular for awesome hand strength.

See the post on Diesel, Simple Grip Training

#1 – Sledge Deadlift for Wrist Strength, Stronger Grip, Bigger Forearms

The Sledge Deadlift involves picking up a Sledge Hammer by the end of the handle while balancing a coin on the head, trying to keep the entire implement level. It will hit your Grip, Wrists, and Forearms. It is very beneficial so try this one out too, even if you have to choke way up on the handle – it will still build strength for you.

Check out some of my other videos on How to Build Grip Strength

So there you have it. My Top 10 Most popular videos, in terms of views, for the year 2011.

What was your favorite video? Post a comment below and I will put it up later on in the week.

Got something you want demonstrated? Post a comment and I will do my best to shoot it in the upcoming weeks.

Thanks for checking out the site, and don’t forget to subscribe to the newsletter above and my YouTube Channel as well.

All the best in your training.


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  1. Tom McCarty Says:

    ALL GREAT VIDEOS !! I’m glad could help sponsor the Grip Sport Nationals in 2011. Please keep us in mind for future events or if you want to join the O2 Team ! Much Success in 2012 to you and your Diesel Crew !!

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