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More Amazing Feats of Strength from the Arnold

In March, I attended the Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, Ohio.


This is something I do every year. generally, I compete there in the Mighty Mitts Grip Contest, but an injury kept me from doing that this year, so it was just a Weekend Getaway for me this time.

Between segments of the Strongman Competition and the Grip Contest on the main stage, some good friends of mine, Dennis Rogers, Pat Povilaitis, and Mike Bruce, performed feats of strength.

Here are a handful of them:

“The Human Vise” Pat Povilaitis Bends a Steel Bar Over His Neck World’s Strongest Man Style

Mike “The Machine” Bruce Bends a 12-inch Spike

Grandmaster Strongman Dennis Rogers Bends an Adjustable Wrench

These are just a handful of the feats these amazing Strongmen performed over the course of the weekend. These guys really do some amazing things.

I shot a documentary style video of the entire weekend and put it all on DVD.

The DVD features not just me but also Paul Knight, JT Straussner and Chris Dezendorf hanging out, enjoying the weekend, talking training, and even sharing ghost stories!

To see even more of what we saw, including more awesome feats of strength, the entire Mighty Mitts competition, and more, you can pick up the DVD by clicking the image below. DVD’s are just $19.99.



P.S. Want to perform the same exact Feats of Strength that the guys in the above videos performed? Then check out out DVD, Braced Bending: How to Destroy Everything in Your Path.

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