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Stevenson Trains for Diaz


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Joe Stevenson just beat Nate Diaz at the TUF 9 finale on Saturday night. I really like Joe because seems like a real humble guy and he’s a father who always talks about missing his kids while away at training camp.

I recently found all of these images of Joe training for his fight and it looks like he was doing a bunch of stuff right.

The pics show Joe hitting:

  • towel pull-ups
  • db bench
  • db snatches

Strength is a huge part of mma training and is sometimes overlooked in the interest of conditioning.


Each athlete is different.  Their development of their program is dependent upon their current physiological state compared with the demands of the sport.

Strength has many levels;

  • maximal strength is the amount you can lift for one all out effort, with good form
  • relative strength is your ability to control your own bodyweight
  • explosive strength is how quickly movement is initiated after neurological excitement
  • and so on…

In this post, I will provide you with a quick sandbag training circuit targeting strength endurance.  Strength endurance is the ability to execute against a resistance (at constant or varying tension) for a certain length of time.  When MMA fighters are engaging in strength endurance or circuit activities, the certain length of time is typically the length of a round (or slightly longer).   This is in hopes of building up their tolerance to high levels of lactic acid so they can continue to execute in the later parts of the rounds.


Sandbags are a great tool for these circuit training routines.  Here is a quick sandbag circuit I put together for you to try to see where your work capacity is.  I have tons more sandbag training clips coming up soon!


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