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Metabolic Core Training Exercise – Great for Conditioning and Power

Cool Metabolic Core Training Exercise

Great for Conditioning and Power

Check out this cool exercise from Martin Rooney.  He demonstrates the proper execution of the movement with a powerful rowing motion with the arms and an explosive flexion at the hips.  Pulling in the lats and upper back is key to any real core training movement.
The great thing about this exercise is that it is very metabolic.  Because it incorporates the whole body and it is done at a high intensity, your conditioning and your metabolism get spiked.

It is a win-win movement.

Don’t be fooled though, it will mess you up.  Trying to hit 3-4 sets at 20 reps will be very tough and getting your torso off the ground near the end is murder.

Sit and Row

As you can see, there is a powerful hip flexion and row.  As soon as the end position is hit, another rep is engaged.  You must also control the flow of your breathing and not hold your breath.

When can you hit this movement?

Kill it between your supplemental workouts after your primary sets, during a finisher after the workout or on a totally separate “extra” workout.

Try it and try to hit the 4×20 volume!  Leave a comment with how you did!

Hope you enjoyed the drills, please “like” the video on YouTube.

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