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Mess You Up Conditioning

Mess You Up Conditioning

Tonight at the end of the workout, we hit another high intensity training session.  I wanted to share it with you because it is easy to setup and has amazing benefits.  If you are looking to kick up the intensity of your workouts, improve your conditioning and jack your metabolism for up to 38 hours after the workout, this is the ticket.

Unfortunately, after this session, it felt like I got hit with a freight train.


Here is how the after workout conditioning went.

We took a sled and hooked a 1.5″ thick nylon rope to one end and a tow strap on the other end.  I’m not sure how long the nylon rope was, but it felt like a mile.

We loaded 2-25kg plates and 1-20kg plate onto the sled.

We pulled, hand-over-hand, the sled with the thick rope and then ran it back to the starting point with the tow rope.  We then unloaded a plate and repeated the process until we got down to just one plate.  The circuit was finished with two sprints, ie. to the wall and back.

Afterwards, I approached OB who is one of my good friends and had just went through the 3 plate circuit, and told him I am doing it with 4 plates.

His first words were, “I can’t”.  He looked defeated, he was exhausted.  He had just done the circuit and he was tired.

I looked him right in the eye and said, “Don’t say CAN’T, we WILL do it”.

We waited our turn and they loaded 2-25kg plates and 2-20kg plates onto the sled.

And we BOTH did it.  We willed the finish and finished strong.  I would not let him accept anything less than success.

You have to be there for people.  Sometimes they need it.  They need help.  Life is hard and if you want something, you have to work your ass off to get it.   As a strength coach it is your job to inspire.  And you know what Martin Rooney said to me when we trained together last weekend?  He said if he didn’t do the workouts with his athletes, they would never respect him.

If you don’t do the work that you ASK YOUR ATHLETE’S to do, you will NEVER GET THEIR RESPECT.

And sometimes they help you when YOU need it.

Be someone’s inspiration today.  It feels amazing.

I went first and gave it everything I had.  I wanted OB to feel confident.  I wanted him to feel that amazing feeling when he finished when he thought he couldn’t.

The 3-Step Circuit

Step 1 to Pain: Hand-Over-Hand Rope Pull

Step 2 to Pain: Tow Rope Driving

Step 3 to Pain: Sprint

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Mess You Up Conditioning

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8 Responses to “Mess You Up Conditioning”

  1. Jim Smith Says:

    Nice work, Smitty!


  2. Jim Davis Says:

    SWEET! Both the method, and the comments about inspiration! We are all here to inspire each other! Now, I just need a gym with that kind of equipment.

  3. James Says:

    That is bad-ass conditioning!!!

    Where did you get that long of rope?

  4. Barry Gibson Says:

    Awesome again Smitty as per usual mate!!! True words too – gotta “walk the walk”… Too many fat “do as I say not as I do” trainers out there!!

  5. Jim Smith Says:

    @Barry thanks brother!

  6. Jim Smith Says:

    @Jim Thanks!

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