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Mental Toughness – Part II

You might remember my original post.

Well check out this quote:

“What experts do know, however, is that there are strategies that athletes can nurture in training and then during competition to put them in that elusive state of “flow,” where they surpass conscious thought and all of the elements of peak performance come together—concentration, physical expertise, focus, calm, discipline, unwavering confidence. They’re in the coveted “zone.” Self-consciousness has fallen away and they’re transcending limitations.”

“Sport psychology, to put it simply, focuses on the psychological factors associated with physical performance,” says Bartholomew, an associate professor in the Department of Kinesiology and Health Education. “When it comes right down to it, you’re just trying to help an athlete consistently execute those behaviors that he’s practiced to virtual perfection so many times in training. During a match, Tiger Woods doesn’t have to puzzle over how to make a particular swing and the mechanics of his arm movements—he’s executed every single one of those physical moves before and could do all of them in his sleep. What he’s got to be able to do is allow his body to deliver the desired results. Ironically, you want to keep the mind from getting in the way of the performance.”

Original Story

Mental training is just as important as strength training!

You want to know what being mentally tough is all about? Check out this story of Shun Fujimoto!

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4 Responses to “Mental Toughness – Part II”

  1. zach even - esh Says:

    wow, awesome video and story

    wish there were more athletes competing nowadays with this kind of drive!

  2. Super-Trainer Says:

    Interesting to think about how many hours and hours of time these athletes put into their craft – amazing –

  3. Eric Troy Says:

    Great post and great story.

  4. James Bullock Says:

    Truly a WARRIOR in every sense of the word…

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