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Men’s Fitness: Trainer Spotlight

Check out the May issue of Men’s Fitness. They did a trainer spotlight on me and it appears in the back.

Here is the transcript:

Trainer spotlight: Jim Smith: the brains behind our brawn

CREDENTIALS: “Smitty”, a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (C.S.C.S.), is an expert on old-school fitness methodologies, such as kettle-bell and strongman training, and is a strongman competitor. He is co-owner of the Diesel Crew, a strength and conditioning business.

PHILOSOPHY: “I like helping athletes of all skill levels and with all different goals achieve beyond their potential.”


1. Be comprehensive. “Your routines should always include a thorough warm-up prior to any activity, then engage a variety of movements during training, and ultimately pay attention to recovery afterward.” In other words, use foam rollers and free-weight exercises, and practice good nutrition.

2. Never do the same thing twice. If you’re lifting heavier weights or performing more reps each session, you’re making progress. If you aren’t, you’re wasting your time. “Every workout has to be more intense than the last one. You want to create a cycle of breakdown, recovery, and supercompensation to increase muscle size and strength levels.”

3. Reverse your training. “For every pushing move you do for your chest, you need to do a pulling one to keep your back in balance. So just by reversing the directions you lift, you’ll get stronger and avoid injury.”

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