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MEMORIAL DAY – AMD Release Date Announced


Hey Everyone:

What is the big announcement?

AMD is being finished up right now.  I have been working late every night trying to finish up the program and I think tonight is the night!  I can’t believe it.  One year ago I had a vision and it is coming true.

I have finalized the release date, it will be:


Midnight on May 25th, the new site goes live!

To celebrate me finally getting some time away from this computer, I am running a contest.  I am giving away ONE copy of the AMD Premier Package and here are the details.

Go to the Diesel site and look for the Memorial Day AMD announcement.  I want you to leave a comment under the post.

I want you to tell me what you’re passionate about AND how you took action to make your passion happen!

The best comment will get the ENTIRE AMD PREMIER PACKAGE!

I want to see a TON of comments, please go post away for a chance to win my new killer product.

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22 Responses to “MEMORIAL DAY – AMD Release Date Announced”

  1. Matt Chips Says:

    I am passionate about life to the fullest. I have type 1 diabetes and 4 kids and a full time job, but I see those as true reminders to get busy living every day. To not waste time by putting off life. To make my passion come alive I always look for opportunities to put in 100% effort and keep the variety up. My personal health is crucial to a good life, and I thoroughly appreciate all the Diesel Crew contributes to the fitness world. There knowledge and passion are unrivaled, and their benevolence with that knowledge is second to none.

  2. Josh Hanagarne Says:

    I am passionate about being better than I was the day before. I don’t care whether I’m working on my character, my strength, my hook shot, or my twiggy little legs. I am terrified of boredom, stagnation, a life merely being “content,” and a lack of curiosity.

    To be human is to have a body and soul. The stronger one is, the stronger the other becomes. My strength training is my passion because it makes me a better person. Kettlebells, pinch blocks, decks of torn cards and bent steel are not my only tools, but they are my favorites.

    The sky is only the limit when you test yourself. It’s too easy to complain. It’s too convenient to say “tomorrow, maybe.” Someone who tell me that they’re not in the power rack because it’s hard tells me that person has no interest in exploring the awesome potential of being human and having a body.

    Each person is made of interdependent parts. Body, mind, spirit. Strengthen them all to become whole.

    How am I meeting my goals and fulfilling my passions? BY DOING SOMETHING. BY DOING SOMETHING EVERY SINGLE DAY. My problem is not that I don’t do enough, it’s that I can’t figure out how to stay away from my little private gym.


  3. David Zavadil Says:

    In October of 2007 the doc told me the cholesterol was too high and I needed to make changes. I had to lose weight and get the numbers down or start meds. I hate meds! I became passionate about getting healthy and strong. After I lost the weight and got the numbers down, I began to work on getting stronger. I have focused on learning the basic lifts, deads, squats, presses. I have seen remarkable changes in my total self, body, heart and mind. I now want to take it to the next level and help others who are struggling with the same issues. As a pastor, I help people with heavy hearts, now I want to help them with both heart and body. I am seeking to get my PT certification and hope to use my training to help others change their outlook on life and body.

  4. Luka Hocevar Says:

    My whole life I have been involved in sports from the high school to the professional ranks and there is only one thing I am as passionate about as training and that is my family. My wife even has to put me back to bed becasue I’m sleep walking and explaining how you do the squat right (true story!).

    I am passionate about training and sharing my knowledge so much its almost a gift and a curse and my purpose is to help as many people become better athletes and fulfill their physical potential, as I can while also providing for my family and freeing up as much time to spend with them.

    The steps I have taken is opening my own warehouse gym, running bootcamps, doing a joint venture where we will be running speed camps for high school kids as well as hosting kettlebell workshops. I am trying to dream as big as possible because I understand that most people do not succeed because they set to small a goals for themselves rather than to big a goal.

    Because I need to be an example to my athletes and clients, I make sure that I walk the walk. Training is a living, breathing part of me and I am dedicated to be in the best shape of my life….all the time.

    The key to success is applied knowledge, so take action!

    Luka Hocevar

  5. Pedro A. Morales Says:

    What’s up Smitty? Congratulations on having finish AMD, I’ve been counting the days since I’ve learned about it! I’ve never done one of these, so I’ll give it my best shot!

    I’m passionate about my Family “Parents” 1st and foremost! Their My life and I’d do anything for them. The Second which is my new love is Strength & Conditioning Woo-hoo!!! I’m talking Old School hard-core stuff! I went from a 9 Year Veteran Bartender, making the switchover to Strength Coach. I went from Bottle Flipping, Jager Consuming, Partying mad man, to a Tire Flipping, Keg Lifting, KB Swinging, SandBag Hoisting, Elastic Band Stretching, Sled Dragging Mad man lol. I went from Fast food to Whole Food. I love my new Life, I’m proud of myself, I’ve come a long way. Can’t say it was an easy journey, but that’s the beauty of it!

    I want to be the absolute Best Strength Coach I can be, I want to far surpass any expectations My Clients may have, I want to be the one that makes them feel as great as I feel! I can’t wait to open my own place in a few months, I want to get these Guys Jacked, like no one else will, the poor Skinny dudes, that always get picked on, to the Guy who has done great but thinking of juicing because he doesn’t know how to go further, I would like to save that guy from that mistake if possible! I can’t wait to make Athletes Faster, Stronger, Leaner & Meaner!!! God I’m so Amped!!!

    Truth be told, I hope to have my greatest accomplishment to be restoring my parents Functional Strength & Mobility. They are both ill and almost completely lost most of their function, if it kills me, I will restore them! I hope to make their last years the best! A promise I made to my brother.

    I love everything about Strength & Conditioning and Love all the Stuff Diesel Crew pumps out! I can’t wait to get this program as well as the others, I haven’t gotten yet! Thanks for everything Smitty, I appreciate it, as well as the rest of the Industry that like No B.S. top notch Info!

    Enjoy your free time now lol!!

    Yours in Strength

    Pedro A. Morales

  6. Coach Mike Says:

    I’m passionate about coaching grade school wrestling. I want to send the best student/athletes to our local high school as possible. Ultimately, I hope my wrestlers go on to become future state champions. I push them very hard and demand a lot from them. I have put tons of time and effort into becoming the best coach I can be. The diesel crew has been inspiring parts of our practices for years, by utilizing these techniques it has helped make our training time more productive. No one around me escapes my passion; I recruit family, friends, coworkers, wrestler’s parents, future wrestlers, former wrestlers, janitors, and unsuspecting strangers to assist me in accomplishing my goals.

  7. Jason Vicente Says:

    My passion has always been exercise. I’ve been training since I was 8 years old (turning 25 this June.) I have been self motivated my whole life. No one told me to workout. No one told me how to workout. I just did it. I learned gradually over the years through experimenting with lots of exercises. I read lots of books about it growing up and I still do today. Now I read scholarly research journals for fun about kinesiology.

    My passion is also free. I train people for free. I’m currently training 10 people right now and have 4 that have branched out from me. They didn’t need me anymore because I taught them everything I knew. They’re in better shape and continue to strive to getting stronger.

    I go to school full time, work part time, a Deacon at my Chruch, College & Career leader at my church and also in charge of Children’s Ministry at my church. I still don’t make excuses to not exercise even though I’m very busy. I work out 6 days a week varying from 2-3x a day. I carry 5 bags with me to school. Three of those bags are full of Organic food that I cook. The other bag has my training bands and workout clothes. I do hill sprints, band pulls, band pushups… etc at my school. I don’t care if people are watching me because becoming stronger is my goal.

    I’ve learned a lot over the years and my youtube video’s show my progress.



    Jason Vicente

  8. Adam Hamilton Says:

    I am passionate about training and training hard. When I was 16 years old I weighed 330 pounds, I am 18 know and weigh 195 pounds with 20% BF. I did this through two years of complete dedication to weights and cardio. I know wish to add on more muscle and gain weight to get to around 215 pounds with low body fat %. I am now passionate about lifting weights and any other heavy object and will dedicate myself now to gain muscle and strength, but need some help cause I am having trouble getting a program together. Your website and articles has inspired me to reach for a new level in training and in life. Thank You!

  9. Andrew Kelly Says:

    I find solace in the quiet confidence that strength training imparts. The dull warmth in your muscles post training that tells you in no uncertain terms that you trained hard and, yes, you can expect some “payback”. I like it a lot. The addiction of pushing yourself when you really don’t want to train and then the magic of pushing past where you thought your limits were, not always healthy, but unique. The many egoless sessions spent in the stale air of the cellar wiping stinging sweat from eyes that stare blankly at a brick wall whilst telling yourself just one more set. Nervous and edgy feelings of anticipation before training, because, well, you know it wont be pretty! Then there are the reality checks for when you do overcook it slightly – having to take a break on the stairs with the groceries in hand whilst laughing at yourself for training too hard, again! The stubborn pickle jar that just wont open – a favourite reminder from my wife as to why I should not train too hard.

    This is all strength training and I love it all; rough with the smooth.

    Married and with a 3 year old daughter, training is pretty much the only hobby I can make time for. If there is no hunger, then you wont sit at the table of strength! Bring the hunger then it’s an all you can eat Smorgasbord of torn hands, aching muscles and hulking backs. That reminds me, man am I hungry…

  10. John Copeland Says:

    For many years I was passionate about the youngsters I coached in field hockey, athletics and badminton.

    Nowadays my “passions” are the family and fitness – although separate entities the one without the other would now seem strange, and certainly the latter helps in keeping up with the four youngest grandsons! Blood pressure and weight are under control and I have greater time now to really enjoy the exercises.

    Approaching retirement I channelled the fitness passion into certification for personal training and for fitness therapy. Since retiring I have enjoyed discussions with some of the younger generation of instructors/PTs about patterns of exercise and exercises themselves – sharing our passions which hopefully they have found useful with their clients. The Diesel Crew site has been a wonderful support and inspiration at times – something I have no doubt AMD will achieve as well given Smitty’s passion and expertise!

    If the will and passion are there – anything is possible!


  11. Jim Smith Says:

    Awesome guys, keep them coming!

  12. Joe Says:

    Hey Coach Smith. I am passionate about quite a few things. Over the last few months, I’ve been doing a lot of research about fitness and health on sites like yours, Eric Cressey’s, etc. Looking at these sites, I’ve seen the truth about how to be fit, strong and healthy. There is so much BS out there being spread by supplement and drug companies and infomercials that I’m getting sick of it which has led me to my search for the truth. One of my dreams is to get into the medical field but as a holistic practitoner combining western and eastern medicines to give patients the best of both worlds. I do want to earn a good living, but the main priority is to one day teach the world how to truly be healthy, and after that, move on to teaching kids at the high school level about the medical field. I am putting this into action slowly but surely. I’m at a community college right now, but in a year and a half, I’ll transfer to a university and get my degree in health or education, and hopefully move on to grad school and one day giving my patients the care and treatment they deserve. My other passion is maybe playing college football. At the moment I am 124 pounds, but I know I have the toughness, and heart that Walter Payton had, and the fact that when I cover someone, they never get the ball thrown to them. Sorry this was so long coach.
    Thank you for your time,
    P.S. After I tweaked my shoulder, I tried some exercises from your shoulder rehab, and I was military pressing not to long after.

  13. Caleb Says:

    I am passionate about my new lease on life. Being 35 years old and a recently made single dad I see there are a lot of people depending on me to be around for a long time. In the past 9 months I have gone from 270lbs down to 235lbs. now I want to build my strength up to where it was in my early 20’s. I’ve been following your website since jan. and doing some basic routines like deads and squats and now its time to take on a whole program to see how far I can go without spending all day at the gym.

  14. nestor ahumada Says:

    I once heard that 5% of the world´s population possess most of the wealth, the remaining 95% work their butts off to get by. i think that the same holds true for real fitness knowledge. Well coach Smitty, i believe in Diesel´s methods and have purchased combat core, BTF and recently the card tearing book. I´ve also applied the principles to my training with great success.

    AMD is another great tool i hope to acquire, as my passion is to become one of the 5% in strenght and conditioning knowledge so that i can help the remaining 95% reach their full potential.

    This I believe, will be the legacy i will leave when i´m gone and what i´ll be remembered for.

  15. Jim Smith Says:

    Man, you guys are making this very difficult!

  16. Dustin Lebel Says:

    I’ve been following you guys @ the Diesel Crew for years,and have always had a sincere passion for strength & conditioning. The fact that through proper training one can outperfom their competition, acheive goals you never thought were possible, and set a standard for living that only people in the lifestyle truly know about is amazing to me.

    I started out like anyone else – just falling in love with the iron and what it could do for my mind and body. I’m an avid martial artist and a straight up strength & conditioning NUT. Now, I make my living as a personal trainer and soon to be as coach at a sports performance school here in CT, but this is not the end of the road for me – I am far from satisfied. I have bigger, better plans ahead and I take action every day to make my dreams a reality. Through guys like yourself, Zach, Joe Hashley, Elliot Hulse, Craig Ballantyne, etc I find the inspiration I need to keep pushing and keep trying to live the life I (and everyone else) deserves to live. You guys are leading the way and showing us how it IS possible to love your job, love your life, and pursue your passions EVERY DAY.

    I read, I write, I coach, I self educate in some form or another every day. I devour not only training material, but everything I can on marketing and sales. Training and the business of training is my life and how I intend to make an impact in this community for many years to come. This is what I do, this is who I am. Period.

  17. Mike Mellock Says:

    It can be put very simply.
    Its all about the endorphins.
    This is to make you, as an individual, better.
    Better ideas make better training.

  18. Mike T Nelson Says:

    Hi there Diesel Crew guys!

    Smitty—a true pleasure to finally meet you in person this past weekend—I will have an email out to you later today.

    I could give a very long winded answer here, but the short version is two fold.

    1) I feel extremely blessed that I LOVE learning about exercise physiology and neurology. I literally book my vacations around going to conferences (hitting ACSM next week), I read research studies for fun, hell I even finished my PhD comps last June (100 pages, 267 references) and my treat was Chipolte and read another research study about caffeine!

    2) It is a true honor and privilege (one that I don’t take lightly) to help others. Anything that I can do to help athletes save time, effort and money to reach their goals faster I am all for it. I don’t have all the answers by any stretch of the imagination, but I have done tons and tons of things wrong, spent hours upon hours researching many things and experimenting on myself and others, and hopefully other athletes can learn a few things from me.

    Don’t enter my name in the contest, there are many other here that desire it more than I do.

    Keep up the killer work!

    Rock on

    Mike T Nelson
    PhD(c), CSCS, RKC
    Z Health Master Trainer

  19. Sean Says:

    I’m passionate about this field of study. I wake up everyday and the first thing that pops into my head is what time I get to train. I wonder what I’m going to do. Should I do a total body workout? Should do some complexes? How about a strongman circuit? Training has made me push my mental limit in every aspect of life, not just under the bar. I push just as hard to get that last rep out as when I push to get that extra hour of studying in. I push myself to do one more circuit even though I’m gassed same as when I push myself to wake up early in the morning. Training and the time I’ve spent in the gym have changed my life for the better and I look forward to what it has in store for me in the future. That’s why I’m passionate.

  20. Jim Smith Says:

    You guys are awesome and I truly appreciate ALL of your time and effort leaving these comments. It really shows your dedication to the site and your amazing support!

  21. Chris Rice Says:

    Let’s see. 2009 marks 50 years of training for everything under the sun – and I look forward to each workout as much today as I did when I was a skinny little 11 year old on my parents front porch lifting out in the snow. At 60, I’m still trying to hang in with all the younger guys in grip, Highland Games, Olympic Lifting, climbing, and in life. It’s nice to be passionate about training but it’s also easy to be for the first decade or so – as the saying goes “you have the body God gave you when young and the body you have earned when old”. I hope to continue earning mine for a couple more decades, then maybe I’ll slow down a little.

  22. Kevin Lee Says:

    I’m passionate about getting stronger & bigger. My co-workers consider me nuts and “off in my own little world.” My wife also thinks that 43 is too old for heavy lifting & I should restrict myself to jogging, biking & other “hamster” activities. Back in 2008, I had an opportunity to attend a small seminar presented by Pavel, Waterbury & Cosgrove and I jumped on it. Unfortunately, Murphy’s Law slammed into me like a Mack truck. I wasn’t able to take off work the night before the seminar. I wound up leaving work at 2 AM, going home for a couple of hours, coming back to work to bum a ride to the airport for my 6 AM flight to LA. At the airport, my flight had switched to a different gate at the last minute & I missed my flight (there went $110 down the drain). I booked a 7 AM flight (for $200+) and had to run to the terminal on the other side of the airport. When I arrived, TSA thought I was a terrorist because of my profuse sweating & panting and singled me out for the bomb scan! I finally arrived 2 hours after the seminar had started. During the seminar, my laptop decided to die & emit a high pitched whine. My mother-in-law also called & I forgot to mute my phone. I was also close to overdosing on Spike while trying to stay awake. During the Q&A I managed to embarrass myself by asking a question that Cosgrove tactfully implied “If you were paying attention to my lecture you wouldn’t be asking such a dumb shite question!” I managed to leave an indelible negative impression upon Pavel, Chad Waterbury, Alwyn Cosgrove, Rachel Cosgrove & everyone else. After the seminar, my luck started to improve & TSA didn’t single me out again. I even managed to arrive back at work on time to start my shift. Yes, I’m a dumb “shite” but I’m still learning.

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