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Man of Steel Winners Announced!

man of steel challenge strength training workouts

First, let me say that Zach and I are beyond humbled and honored by all the comments and videos that were submitted to win The Man of Steel Challenge.

We are SERIOUSLY floored by the response and are 100% psyched, honored and humbled – it was pretty emotional, actually.
It was damn near impossible to award 1 winner so what we decided to was to award 2 winners at each of our Blogs: 1 from the videos and 1 from the comments.

Also, those of you who submitted videos, please stay tuned for an e mail coming from both Smitty and I as we have a special “Thank You” coming your way!

The Winner from the Man of Steel Video Submission was tough so what Zach and I decided to do was award 4 prizes. Two winners from each of our blogs where one winner would come from the comments and one winner would come from a video submission.

Again, all of your AMAZING support was pretty overwhelming. It was unbelievably hard to pick just four winners.

The Man of Steel VIDEO winner from the Diesel Blog

Winner: Louie Coplan

Why did I pick Louie? I thought that this young man was someone who could stick to the program, day in and day out. Through the setbacks, through the successes. That is so important in life, not many can do it. Congrats Louie!

The Man of Steel COMMENT winner from the Diesel Blog

Winner: Max Silvani

Why did I pick Michael?

His statement of, “I wont ramble too long about why I deserve your program, all I can say is that if you do choose me you will have an open minded student who is willing to give it 100% and will absolutely refuse to quit at any point in the 12 weeks.”

…really sealed it for him. That type of commitment is essential when life presents you an obstacle. The MOS Challenge is an obstacle, you can bet on that!

Here is what will happen next.

1) Max and Louie, please look for an e mail from Zach and I coming shortly.

2) ALL Video submissions, please look for an e mail from Zach and I coming shortly as well 🙂

Right now, Zach and I are looking at Tuesday, April 6th for the release of The Man of Steel Challenge.

But, we have some final “touch ups” going on with the web site that need to be set to make sure our servers don’t crash as we’ll be offering a special sale during the first few days.

Thank you again for believing in Zach and I and being a part of our lives.


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4 Responses to “Man of Steel Winners Announced!”

  1. Adam Glass Says:

    GREAT VIDEO!! What an outstanding transformation!!!! Well Done Louie!!

  2. Jim Smith Says:

    Thanks for checking in Adam!

  3. Adam L Says:

    Accepting the Man Of Steel Challenge Smitty! Starting tomorrow!

  4. max Says:

    hi guys i was just wondering when the email and instructions will get to me [email protected] sorry to pester i’m just eager to start !!!

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